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UC-win/Road Ver. 12 Engineer's Studio®
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FORUM8 Design Festival 2017
Virtual Design World Cup
The 7th Student BIM&VR Design Contest On cloud
What's New
17/10/20 FORUM8 Design Festival 2017 starts on 14 Nov. Specialists from ministries participate to Autonomous Driving Conference.
17/10/20 The nominated works of The 16th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud have been announced. Public voting period via VR cloud: 4-12 November
17/10/18 New product UC-win/Road Simulink plug-in option has been released. Cooperates with external vehicle movement.
17/10/18 New product UC-win/Road Log UDP Receiver option has been released. UDP communication with the Log Export plug-in.
17/10/16 Up&Coming Vol.119 has been updated.
17/10/10 The schedule of FORUM8 Design Festival 2017 has been updated. Start accepting applications.
17/09/28 Engineer's Studio® Ver. 7 has been released. The Partial Factors Method Option is added.
17/09/04 FORUM8 was certified as a "Grade 2 Eruboshi" company based on the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace
17/09/04 FORUM8 has established a new company "FORUM8 Okinawa" in Naha City
17/07/21 UC-win/Road Ver.12.1 has been released. VIVE, OpenFlight, DS, and SfM 64 bit are now supported.
17/07/21 Up&Coming Vol.118 has been updated.
17/07/07 FORUM8 showcases UC-win/Road, Driving Simulator, solutions based on IoT and embedded systems at INNOPROM 2017, the largest total industrial expo in Russia.
17/06/23 FORUM8 held the 30th Anniversary special lecture & celebration at Imperial Hotel.
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