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UC-win/Road for Civil3D

UC-win/Road Advanced for Civil 3D US$9,700
UC-win/Road Standard for Civil 3D US$7,050

A 3D design system for total support of road and land-development design and VR simulation
UC-win/Road Product information
Product detailsPrice/purchase

Product Price
Click here for base UC-win/Road prices.

Product Name Price Product Structure
UC-win/Road Ultimate US$18,000 UC-win/Road
All other plug-in options
UC-win/Road Advanced US$9,700 UC-win/Road
UC-win/Road Civil 3D Plugin
and the other plug-in options
UC-win/Road Standard for Civil 3D US$7,050 UC-win/Road Standard
UC-win/Road Civil 3D Plugin
UC-win/Road Civil 3D Plugin US$750 -

Civil 3D 2009 Product Prices (Autodesk Products)
Autodesk Civil 3D 2009
New products Standalone US$8,500
Network client US$9,800
Network activation US1,280
Autodesk Civil 3D Subscription (1 year) US1,190

Contact for Product Purchases and Inquiries
Contact for UC-win/Road inquiries:road@forum8.co.jp

: Credit and 0% interest installment plans are available.
If you have any questions, please contact the version upgrade center(vc@forum8.co.jp).

Enquiries : enquiries can be handled by any of the sales offices in Japan.
Please direct any questions about this homepage to forum8@forum8.co.jp.
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