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UC-win/Road Support System
VR/CG data generation and technical support service using UC-win/Road
ソフトウェア・プロダクト・オブ・ザ・イヤー2002受賞! 3-D real-time VR software package helps build consensus in road/public construction projects

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Ver.3.04.04 ('09.03.05)

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Download detail spec.
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Service overview
Supporting advanced, complicated, and cumbersome processing !

Supporting advanced, complicated, and cumbersome processing!
The service undertakes data generation tasks concerning UC-win/Road such as the generation of 3-D VR simulation data, 3-D models, and textures, fully empowering simulation tasks of road businesses, urban development planning, public projects, private developments, and so forth, using cost-affordable, high-quality data. The dynamic 3-D CG simulation is a powerful presentation tool. This is why there have been so many achievements, and awards and public recognition received, since the service commenced in October 2001.

UC-win/Road simulation examples
Nagoya guide way bus

Kushimoto Bridge/ Myouga Loop Bridge
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VR Simulation
Supporting line-shape/crosssection definition, diverse configuration settings, AVI output, and so on
Data generation of UC-win/Road and VR/CG catering to all needs, and based on a range of simulation examples, is available. Based on materials such as general diagrams and line-shape calculation sheets, inputs, editing of landforms, definition of line-shapes/cross-sections, and appropriate arrangement, configuration, output processing of 3-D models and textures.
The Generation of Plane Intersection
VR simulation of City

Plane Intersection Processing

The Generation of the On/Off lamp

Roller Coaster model

F1 Course simulator

Construction simulation

Sunshine simulation

VR Simulation data making
Advanced VR simulation can be available at a cost never before possible.
VR space allows you to be able to drive/fright freely in several dozens of kilometers of roads.

VR application example 1 Visibility check of highways and signs/display devices

VR application example 2 Comparative evaluation of bridge shapes and coloring while driving

VR application example 3 Evaluation of signs and driving safety at on/off ramps

VR application example 4  Device displays inside the cockpit and driving simulation

VR application example 5 Evaluation of visible distance based on road structure examples

VR application example 6 Explanation of river improvement plans for local residents

VR application example 7 Visibility check of train display devices such as traffic signals

VR application example 8 Simulator for new road plans for promotional purposes

VR application example 9 Building inside layout, Confirmation of a scene more outside from the building inside

VR application example 10 Large area announcement when planning apartment building construction

VR application example 11 Example of new traffic: LRT image running through the central part of Utsunomiya City

Utsunomiya University, Faculty of Engineering,
Regional Planning Research Room

 Landscape Law "Landscap law and road design guidelines (plans)"

As a response to "Policy outline for beautiful country", established by the Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry in July, 2003, landscape guideline "Road design guideline (plans)" was created for road environments.
The guideline took the "green and landscape law" established in June 2004 into consideration, which is recommended to reflect the quality of all roads as a general rule in road maintenance and improvement.
The definition of road in the guideline is "Road landscape should be considered together with road schemes, plans, designs, construction, and maintenance rather than considering them separately.
The extent of the consideration should go beyond the road itself and should include the surrounding areas". For this reason, large-scale 3-D VR space should be utilized as a useful help in road designing.

Avoiding damage to natural environments by minimizing slopes


Changing lineshapes to avoid damage to natural environments

Preserving natural environments by making tunnel structures of cut ground.

"The draft guideline of seashore landscape formation"

"Scenic Byway Japan" (Scenic Byway)
Sample-Echigo-Tsumari art necklace development conception model, Satoyama biotope and road creating

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UC-win/Road DB
UC-win/Road DB

VR Model/Internet Database

It is database function through the use of 3D models, textures, section data.
Direct downloading from the product is available.
* Free of Charge in maintenance and support products
Search function is added. 3D cockpit in 3D model and "L type intersection" in texture, "Rotary type intersection" are added.
The number of registration: 3D model: 2292, texture: 2092, section: 45 (As of September 17, September)

PDF3D Model Data for UC-win/Road User (36page, PDF, 10,803KB)

*VR Model DB
*3D 2D Tree
3D tree
leaf / bark / flower
2D tree
evergreen tree / evergreen lower tree/ evergreen shrub/ deciduous lower tree / deciduous shrub/tree flowering trees and shrub / flowering trees and shrub / flowering trees and shrub/ ornamental foliage plant
*MD3 character Human model
character / animal / human
*Vehicle / Equipment / Running model
road vehicle
passenger car / track / trailer / cab / bus taxi / bicycle / motorcycle / special kind vehicle
3D cockpit
railway vehicle
Shinkansen / utility railway / new traffic vehicle
airport / harbor / river facility
port facility / harbor signal equipment / river / flood control facility
aviation / marine vessel, construction heavy duty equipment, temporary equipment
*Building / Facility / Structure model
Building / House / Store / Steel tower
office building (super high-rise) / (med to low-rise) / building (low-rise) / condominium apartment / general home / store / market / industrial facility/public facility / transmission tower
railroad / road structure
bridge superstructure / bridge substructure / road structure / gate pier / pedestrian bridge / traffic sign pole / marking
railroad / road facility
bridge superstructure / sign / alarm equipment / station / street light / others / road regulatory equipment / road accident
park facility
playground equipment / building / others
*Road / Traffic / Traffic sign texture
paved road / railroad surface
pavement surface / railroad surface / others
banking / cut
planting / concrete block / concrete blasting / others
guardrail / curb / footpath
guardrail / curb / footpath
bridges: truss / beam bridge, tunnel, intersection
traffic sign
indication sign / regulatory sign / guide sign / warning sign / auxiliary sign / railroad sign /  Korean sign / Chinese sing / U.S.A. sign / New Zealand sign / French sign / Malaysian sign / U.K. sign
indication marking / Regulatory marking / others / Korean road marking / Chinese road marking
building (mural painting)
super high-rise building group / mid to low building group/ low-rise building group/ forest / fence / others
river, cockpit, sky, flag, terrain
water surface, others

By using abundant standard models, data generation can be effectively performed, allowing use of the model editing tool and action settings of the models through easy operations. The UC-1 design series can be loaded and the structure models designed using UC-win and import textured 3DS-format models generated with other 3-D tools.
It exports from UC-win/FRAME(3D),RC substructure design calculation,UC-1 Series

3D Tree
3-D tree data exclusively prepared for UC-win/Road. Diverse features such as leaves and branches swaying in the wind, growth simulation, and such are available.
MD3 Character

Excellent default textures of slopes, excavations, road surfaces, pavements, walls and such are available. Sky and landforms can be mapped in default, and many special textures such as trees and signs can be arranged with their dedicated commands. The cockpit while cruising can be used as a texture.

Textures such as a cross section form, a road surface, a pavement are available as it is.

 Construction machinery
For the 3-D models of heavy machinery, over 100 types of construction machines from Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. are supported as moving models.
Please refer to the CG data license agreement for the use of the 3-D models of the heavy machinery.
The copyright is reserved by Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

It supports model/texture for road hazard simulation. (Date provided by Road Management Technology Center)

*This database is provided having permission from Road Management Technology Center.

 Construction Methods
It supports textures for construction methods.(Data provided by HIROSE&Co., Ltd)
*HIROSE&Co., Ltd has the copyrights of texture (photo image)


UC-win/Road data exchange tool

This is a data exchange tool using "LandXML", which promises to be a useful data exchange format for civil engineering application programs. It allows data exchange between AutoDesk "Civil3D", MTC "APS-win", and Yokogawa Techno-Information Service "HICAD Road CAD Series".

Autodesk Civil 3D UC-win/Road data exchange tool for Civil3D

From accelerating the processes of complicated tasks in civil engineering projects, to increasing their accuracy and the generation of blueprints, tools for streamlined tasks in diverse situations are available.
APS-MarkIV Win UC-win/Road data exchange tool for APS-Win

Planning evaluation of road lineshapes (road curve: clothoid curve), train lineshapes (train curve: Sine curve, cubical parabola), design assessment, and coordinate calculations can be performed.
HICAD Road CAD System HICAD-UC-win/Road data exchange tool

A road designing CAD offers comprehensive support such as route selection, longitudinal design, crossing design, quantity calculation, and so forth. The screen shows AutoCAD and calculation sheet generated with

UC-win/Road conversion tool

The tool allows data format conversion such as XML conversion/editing of DXF landform and SIMA data exchange and is a supplemental calculation tool for lineshapes and cross-sections.
GeoMap3D data conversion tool
Converts the stratum data output from GeoMap3D (OYO Resources Management Co.ltd.) into Road landform patch files (*.xml),3DS files(*.3ds), and DEM data(*.dem).

  Input screen


  Before a mudslide
 (penetration of a stratum)

Expression after a mudslide


DXF data conversion tool
Converts DXF data of landform, etc., into landform XML data, which UC-win/Road can handle.
(Re-editing of converted XML data is also supported)

3D model conversion tool
Converts different file formats into 3DS file (*.3ds) and also supports the conversion of Road 3D model files (*.rm) and landform patch files (*.xml).

SIMA data conversion tool
Supports SIMA common format Ver. 03 "C04: Curve element attribute data" and is compatible with Road data file (*.rd) and road cross-section data file (*.rs) output.

Horizontal lineshape IP calculation tool
 A program that calculates IP points required for definition of the Road when horizontal lineshape variation points are given from calculation sheets.

Tunnel cross-section calculation tool
Calculates tunnel cross-sectional shape based on the standard of the Japan Highway Public Corporation and converts it into a cross-sectional data file of the Road (*.rs).
Tunnel cross-section calculation tool→

Traffic census VR simulation data generation tool Available for purchase soon
The tool is a program that allows configuration of UC-win/Road traffic density profiles based on road traffic census (CD version, Japan Society of Traffic Engineers). It offers visual configuration of traffic densities for weekdays, holidays, daytime, night time, and peak time by route and automatic setting of individual car profiles. It also supports a weight revising feature.

Road accidents/road construction regulation VR simulation system model Available for purchase soon
This 3-D model enables simulations of disasters and accidents causing road obstruction and obstructions due to road contraction. With Road Obstruction plug-in, visual representation of disaster conditions and detour traffic streams due to traffic regulations and congestion simulation are available.

Road disaster 3-D model (road damage, blocking, destruction of structures: 117)
Road regulation 3-D model (standard 3-D model 154, complies with the safety facility installation guideline (Road Management Technology Center))
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UC-win/Road Ver.3.3 ( 9th July, 2007 Released )
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 UC-win/Road Ver.3.3 UC-win/Road Development Kit SDK (Up&Coming 2007 early spring issue)
1. Improvement of Mouse wheel
2. Support of 3D mouse SpaceNavigator
3. Support of advanced settings of Game controller
4. Support of default setting of bridge and tunnel cross sections
5. Improvement of a Draft mode
6. Improvement of Performance function
7. Improvement of shadow expression
8. Separated Transition setting for traffic lane
9, Support of separated drawing of a 2D and 3D tree
10. Corresponds to internationalization (UNICODE, traffic rule etc.)
11. Support of terrain creation correspond to road definition
12. Support of creation of transparent road cross section
13. Traffic simulation controlling as a new function

UC-win/Road Ver.3.2 SP1 ( 24th November, 2006 released )
<Related Page>UC-win/Road Ver.3.2 SP1 (Up&Coming 2006 fall issue)
1. Support LOD of 3D tree models
2. Support multi- displays of landscape view
3. Support a rearview mirror, a wing mirror, and a car navigation system of 3D cockpit
4. Support 2D view scale setting with display of car navigation system
5. Support the size adjustment of 3D display
6. Support command line argument(DONT_LOAD_DEFAULT_PROJECT、LOAD)
7. Expansion of script command
8. Expansion of command of a motion control point

VR Application Cases of projects can be seen with Web Viewer !

UC-win/Road Web Viewer Ver.1.2
(Projects VR model introduction)

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