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 TRL Traffic Design Software Series
  OSCADY PRO Traffic Signal Design Software £1,595-  
TRANSYT Traffic Network Signal Control Optimization Software £1,440-  
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Program Overview
OSCADY PRO is a software for designing traffic signal. This can set phases and arrangement automatically and also can optimise optimised signal capacity, traffic jam and traffic signals gradually and quickly.
This product is based on "Revision Planning and designing of grade crossing Basic edition The third edition July 2007"

Product Overview

For optimisation, OSCADY PRO automatically set phases based on the opposing phase and the timing before the signal change.

-Add opposing phase and yhe time before the signal change.
-Automatically set the phase by pressing the button.
-Automatically set a set of phase by pressing the button.

Signal optimization tool finds the optimum signal timing in different three way (critical time sicle/maximum capacity/minimum delay). Each phase timing is depend on these principle.

Junction diagram representation
You can edit quickly:
-Access road -Traffic stream -Lane -Setting of phase -Phase -Location

TRANSYT-13 is a software for optimising traffic signal control of traffic network.. It can set optimum signal time siming of traffic network and generate various individual traffic networks.
The British Version was commercialized and provided as its Japanese Version. It can support various junction networks.

Plan to link with UC-win/Road

Link with Micro Simulation. Specific format can be provided from UC-win/Road. Link the information of vehicle location.

UC-win/Road product details http://vr.forum8.co.jp/

Input and Output of each TRL product

Product Input Output
Junction Design
ARCADY -Roundabout plane form
-Enter and exit traffic flow of each route
-Vehicle incorporation proportion (truck, bike etc.)
-Period of time
-Storage length per period of time
-Passing required time
-3D animation (real-time/fast-forward/slow-playback)
PICADY -Junction plane form
-Enter and exit traffic flow of each route
-Vehicle incorporation proportion (truck, bike etc.)
-Period of time
-Storage length par period of time
-Passing required time
-Accident prediction
OSCADY Classic
-Junction form
-Signal phase
-Traffic flow by period of time and route
-Speed limit
-Effective green time
-Delay time
-Signal phase (table, graph)
-saturation degree
-Storage number
-Accident prediction
Traffic and Network
TRANSYT -Road network
-Signal phase
-Strage number per signal cycle
-Optimised signal control pattern
MOVA - -
MTV -Location
-Speed limit
-Graph of statistics and list
CONTRAM -Road network
-Graph (traffic demand, queue length, traffic capacity)
-Fuel consumption
-Environmental load
SISTM -Number of Lanes
-Lane changing proportion
-Traffic flow volume
-Required time
-Queue length
-Fuel consumption
-Environmental load
Strategic Modelling
Strategic Transport Model
-Fuel cost
-Parking policy
-Running frequency
-Park & ride
-New station
-Number of Trips
-Changing transport
-Analysis per zone
Transport Policy Model
Same as STM Same as STM
CarShare Online - -
Review Software)
-Situation of sidewalk and junction etc. -Evaluation of travel and facility on walking route
TRANSYT12 -TRANSYT Data -Discharged pollutant estimated value
SafeNet -Road network -Annual number of accident estimation value
MAAP -Accident record -Statistics and list of location and cause etc.
-Visualization by showing on map
Economic Appraisal
-Road Network -Cost calcuration (construction, improvement, traffic control, accident, maintenance cost)
-Fuel consumption
-Environmental load(carbon emission)
-Traffic flow prediction

TRL traffic design solution We provide the Japanese edition sequentially.
This is the standard system that include UC-win/Road and a drive simulator.
The optional addition such as a 1 - 3ch monitor and the exercise platform etc. is possible.


MAAP : Accident analysis software estimated price 1PC : £1120

SafeNET : Accident Prediction software

Safety of Junction

ARCADY : Roundabout

PICADY:Priority junction

Traffic and Network

MOVA : Optional traffic signal control

SCOOT : Optional traffic network

MTV:Motorway Traffic Viewer CONTRAM:Network Modelling

Strategic Modelling

TPM : Traffic Project STM : Strategic Traffic Project


PERS : Pedestrian Environment Review Car share

Economic Appraisal

COBA : Cost Benefit analysis software
QUADRO:Queues and Delay analysis software

*Low-price Multi-lisence and Network Lisence are provided.
1PC, 4PC, 10PC, Unlimited
Network Licence 4PC, Network Licence 10PC
Educational, User Guide
For detail, please contuct us. Contact Sales Window

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Developed by Transport Research Laboratory : TRL Co. (http://www.trl.co.uk/ )
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