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UC-win/Road VR-Studio(TM) UC-win/UC-1

10th UC-win/Road Conference / VR-Studio(TM) Conference

発表資料 ('09.07.09 掲載)
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Opening greetings
 Mr. Yuji Ito, Representative Director President, FORUM8
PDF(PDF , 2,547KB)
Developer's Lecture
 "VR-Studio Ver. 1, New Advanced VR Function"
 - Development Schedule of UC-win/Road Ver.4 -

 Mr. Alistair Ward of FORUM8 NZ Senior Engineer
PDF(PDF , 534KB)
Main Sessions Technical Session
"New Developments with VR-Studio"
"Driving Simulator"
Special Lecture 1
"Technology for Consensus Building
in Regional Construction"
Town Safety / Security maps and VR modelling

Mr. Hiroo Kasagi, Representative of NPO Chiikizukuri Kobo

PDF(PDF , 220KB)
Presentation 1
"Development of the
TOYOTA Infrastructure
Coordination Simulator"

Mr. Takuya Miyamoto, Superintendent of Systems Development Group, FORUM8

PDF(PDF , 1,848KB)
Special Lecture 7
"Approach to 3D CAD
in Construction Information
Standard Committee"

Mr. Minoru Akiyama, Chief of Standard Department, JACIC

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Special Lecture 2
"Demonstration Experiment of Driving Support Measures for Ohashi Junction utilizing DS"

Mr. Seiya Tazawa, Manager of survey and environment first Group, Bureau of Construction, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

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Presentation 2
"Drive Simulator Updates"
New DS functions, Eco-Drive Option

Mr. Isamu Okaki, Group Leader of Systems Development Group, FORUM8

PDF(PDF , 1,134KB)
Presentation 4
"Frontiers of GIS-VR Data"
From Analysis, CAD, GIS Google Earth to VR

Mr. Norio Tashiro, Group Leader of Technical Support Group, FORUM8

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Special Lecture 3
"Applications of DS at NASVAnet"

Mr. Tomoyuki Fuse, Leader of department of safety direction, study and develop aptitude diagnosis at NASVA

PDF(PDF , 353KB)
Special Lecture 6
"Linkage between
CarSim and UC-win/Road"

Mr. Eiji Takida, Technical Manager of Virtual Mechanics Corporation

PDF(PDF , 793KB)
Special Lecture 8
"Linkage between OHPASS
and UC-win/Road"

Mr. Toshio Terao, Corporate officer / Manager of Kinki Branch, NEWJEC Inc.

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Special Lecture 4
"New Trends in ITS Image Sensing
Technology and Utilization of VR"

Associate Prof. Yoshimitsu Aoki, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University

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Presentation 3
"Open Micro Simulation Plug-in"

Mr. Pencreach Yoann, Group Leader of VR-Studio Group, FORUM8

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Presentation 5
"3D Digital City Construction"

Mr. Masayoshi Tatsumi, Group Leader of UC-win/Road Support Group, FORUM8

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Special Lecture 5
 "New Developments for the 3rd International VR Symposium"
Mr. Yoshihiro Kobayashi, Director of FORUM8 Arizona and Assistant Professor of Arizona State University
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UC-win/Road Conference presentation