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 UC-win/Road Support System UC-win/Road Support System Web Estimate Service
UC-win/Road Support System
Web Estimate Service
VR/CG data generation and technical support service using UC-win/Road
Since '01.10.01
UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Trial Version
UC-win/Road for Civil 3D

UC-win/Road Trial Version
UC-win/Road Trial Version

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   Support Services Overview

The support system handles high-level, complicated, and heavy-duty processing!

The service undertakes data generation tasks concerning  UC-win/Road such as the generation of 3-D VR simulation data, 3-D models, and textures, fully empowering simulation tasks of road businesses, urban development planning, public projects, private developments, and so forth, using cost-affordable, high-quality data. The dynamic 3-D CG simulation is a powerful presentation tool. This is why there have been so many achievements, and awards and public recognition received, since the service commenced in October 2001.

If you have any inquiries or comments please feel free to reach to us at forum8@forum8.co.jp
Support Systems Packages

 Urban Planning and Development
VR Design Studio

A VR solution that supports full town development that meets technical standards in an optimized visualization.
The VR design studio works within your targeted development / reform area to design a project that will meet your requirements while also analyzing surrounding geographical features, traffic flow, and possible disaster areas that are essential to the sustainability of the project.
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There is support for viewing the current and expected design of your project from any perspective in the VR space. Example Perspectives; drivers, local residents windows, pedestrians, etc.

The software also supports important elements to consider like roads, intersections, and the flow of traffic that can be simulated in real-time. Pedestrians, cars, and even the flow of bicycles can all be simulated simultaneously. These settings can also be applied to railways and railway stations.
The software can be easily picked up by using existing civil engineering know-how.
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VR Waterfront Redevelopment VR Tram Driving Simulation

 VR Design Studio UC-win/Road Redevelopment Package
Full redevelopment package. Create a new road or transportation system in a planned area. Using IFC buildings in the planned and surrounding area can be created and viewed easily. Environmental settings can be easily modified and viewed within the software. (Weather, time, seasons, and landscapes) Includes 1 type of pre-planned driving scenario.
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Click to enlarge the image.
Total Distance (A) 8.030km

Workload (B)  4,550

Optional Workload (C) 11,500

Aerial Photos / Additional Cost Optional

Package Cost

 VR Design Studio UC-win/Road Intersection Package
The Intersection Package includes the materials and tools to create a large-scale intersection with two main roads. Using the point-cloud creation system it is possible to compare the simulation with the real word. Building directly impacting the area can be directly translated into the VR simulation by using accurate point cloud measurements. Streetlights and surrounding objects can all be placed with incredible accuracy. Pedestrians will move around the area freely with the crowd function.
Click to enlarge the image.
Click to enlarge the image.
Total Distance (A) 1.705km

Workload (B) 5,000

Optional Production Workload (C) 9,400

Aerial Photos / Additional Cost Optional

Package Cost $13,600.00

 VR Design Studio UC-win/Road Small Town Package
This package is useful for local land development or adjustment. By analyzing the landscape this package can provide an accurate model of the elevation difference between before and after development. This is also useful for local and residential road planning. Lighting models are also utilized to predict possible changes in the environment, for example, the changes that can be caused by nearby high-rise buildings on the installation of solar panels on lower buildings. The terrain is on a 5-meter mesh. RoadDB is used for surrounding features and roadside objects. Seasons are set at the winter or summer solstice for contexts. Environmental assessment plugins can be used.
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Visibility Analysis by Color (Green)
Total Distance (A) 1.600km

Workload (B)  4,100

Optional Workload (C) 8,200

Aerial Photos Not Included

Package Cost

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Sunlight Analysis Possible Reflected Light Analysis

 Road Project
VR Design Studio

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Simulate Dangerous events while driving in a VR environment
Control various elements (Other cars, Pedestrians, Signals, etc.) while the software verifies and checks for possible dangerous scenarios.
Change variables such as date and time, seasons, and weather. The software can also interface with drive simulators.
The software will help analyze the entire scenario and not just the isolated event. Visibility issues, ease of driving at an intersection, checking road regulations, and more.
Self-driving scenarios can also be simulated using this software. There is also support for bicycle simulation, and pedestrian simulation.
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Self-Driving Analytics in VR  

 Interchange DS VR Package
This package contains the data for a high-speed motorway interchange and creating scenarios within this environment to be driven with a driving simulator. Experience merging from the general road to the motorway through a toll gate. The scenario variables can be changed to experience different toll booth situations, ETC lane, access bar movement, actions of AI controlled cars. The surrounding area will also be designed to provide a realistic setting.

Total Distance(A) 6.666km

Workload (B)  5.100

Optional Workload (C) 15.000

Aerial Photos Optional

Package Cost

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Click to enlarge the image.

 Junction Simulation in VR
The Junction has 8 lamps to link inbound/ outbound lane with other with 2 overhead crossing freeways. Complicated alignments where different lamps merged on the way are run into main lane are expressed correctly. Traffic flow from all directions can be checked by setting of traffic flow.
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Total Distance (A) 10.895km

Workload (B) 5.000

Optional Workload (C) 11.000

Aerial Photos Not Included

Product Price

 Kushimoto Ohashi Naegashima Loop Bridge VR Package
A road data model for the Kushimoto Bridge and Naega Loop Bridge 1.6km and Oshima 0.3km that connect Kushimoto Town and Oshima. Kushimoto Ohashi is designed by Nippon Koei Osaka Branch, and is used as a sample data for proposal of preliminary design and technical proposal.
 Click to enlarge the image.
Click to enlarge the image.
Total Distance (A) 2.985km

Workload (B) 4.100

Optional Workload (C) 9.200

Aerial Photos Included

Product Package

>>Drive Simulator Rental

 Civil Engineering / Construction Simulation VR Design Studio

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Visualize the changes of the project over time
Easily visualize every step of construction.
Fully analyze the situation accurately using the point-cloud system.
Create and understand the landscapes in the before/current/future states in an easy to verify data set.
The software can produce images of the possible construction projects in an easy-to-understand format that not only construction professionals can understand but also the general public.

The produced formats are suitable for construction project presentations. Video creation and export is also supported.

5th 3D VR Simulation Contest Grand Prix
"Daishi Junction and Daishi Ventilation Station Construction Simulation"
Shuto Expressway Kanagawa Construction Bureau

 Removal of Electrical Poles Construction Package
Utilizing a space of 100m within a 500m section of road of construction for the removal of power lines. Variables to control time, and vehicle according to regulations. Construction safety measures can be checked through various analytics. There can be a realistic creation of the environment by implementing surrounding buildings and road accessories. Pedestrians and a simple pedestrian AI can also be included.
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Before After
Click to enlarge the image. Click to enlarge the image.
Construction Lane After Construction Result
Total Distance (A) 0.740km

Workload (B) 4.100

Optional Workload (C) 9.300

Aerial Photos Optional

Product Package $9,300.00

 Mountain Road VR Package
With this package a road with a length of 2.23km can be created running through mountainous terrain. One tunnel and one bridge is included in the package. The created area will reflect the terrain data equivalent in 1m mesh from existing terrain. For run-offs and roadside areas proper creation techniques are used to calculate the required soil.

Total Distance (A) 2.512km

Workload (B) 5.700

Optional Workload (C) 5.900

Aerial Photos Optional

Product Package $15,300.00

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Mountain Road
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Landscape Analytics

 Building a Bridge Package
This package includes the take for the creation of a bridge of approximately 560m that can cross through a mountain or a valley. The proper construction steps can be viewed by setting the appropriate model. The crane operation and truss assembly can easily be synced to provide an image of the construction project. The road alignment can then be analyzed and check at the time of completion and after use.
Total Distance (A) 1.074km

Workload (B) 4.200

Optional Workload (C) 11.400

Aerial Photos Optional

Product Package $12,000.00

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 Disaster Prevention / Mitigation Package
Visualize analysis results of tsunami, debris flow, fire, etc.
Click to enlarge the image. Click to enlarge the image. Click to enlarge the image. Click to enlarge the image.
Earthquake Fire Simulation
Land Slide Simulation Evacuation Route Simulation

 Various simulations
Click to enlarge the image. Click to enlarge the image. Click to enlarge the image.
Cockpit Perspective Simulations Railway Simulations Parking Lot Simulations
Click to enlarge the image. Click to enlarge the image. Click to enlarge the image.
Airport Simulations Harbor / Freight Simulations Landscape / Sightseeing VR
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UC-win/Road DB

VR Model/Internet Database

It is database function through the use of 3D models, textures, section data.
Direct downloading from the product is available.
* Free of Charge in maintenance and support products
Search function is added. 3D cockpit in 3D model and "L type intersection" in texture, "Rotary type intersection" are added.
The number of registration: 3D model: 2292, texture: 2092, section: 45 (As of September 17, September)

*VR Model DB
*3D 2D Tree

3D tree

leaf / bark / flower

2D tree

evergreen tree / evergreen lower tree/ evergreen shrub/ deciduous lower tree / deciduous shrub/tree flowering trees and shrub / flowering trees and shrub / flowering trees and shrub/ ornamental foliage plant
*MD3 character Human model

character / animal / human
*Vehicle / Equipment / Running model

road vehicle

passenger car / track / trailer / cab / bus taxi / bicycle / motorcycle / special kind vehicle

3D cockpit

railway vehicle

Shinkansen / utility railway / new traffic vehicle

airport / harbor / river facility

port facility / harbor signal equipment / river / flood control facility

aviation / marine vessel, construction heavy duty equipment, temporary equipment
*Building / Facility / Structure model

Building / House / Store / Steel tower

office building (super high-rise) / (med to low-rise) / building (low-rise) / condominium apartment / general home / store / market / industrial facility/public facility / transmission tower

railroad / road structure

bridge superstructure / bridge substructure / road structure / gate pier / pedestrian bridge / traffic sign pole / marking

railroad / road facility

bridge superstructure / sign / alarm equipment / station / street light / others / road regulatory equipment / road accident

park facility

playground equipment / building / others
*Road / Traffic / Traffic sign texture

paved road / railroad surface

pavement surface / railroad surface / others

banking / cut

planting / concrete block / concrete blasting / others

guardrail / curb / footpath

guardrail / curb / footpath

bridges: truss / beam bridge, tunnel, intersection

traffic sign

indication sign / regulatory sign / guide sign / warning sign / auxiliary sign / railroad sign /  Korean sign / Chinese sing / U.S.A. sign / New Zealand sign / French sign / Malaysian sign / U.K. sign


indication marking / Regulatory marking / others / Korean road marking / Chinese road marking

building (mural painting)


super high-rise building group / mid to low building group/ low-rise building group/ forest / fence / others

river, cockpit, sky, flag, terrain

water surface, others


By using abundant standard models, data generation can be effectively performed, allowing use of the model editing tool and action settings of the models through easy operations. The UC-1 design series can be loaded and the structure models designed using UC-win and import textured 3DS-format models generated with other 3-D tools.
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 3D Tree

3-D tree data exclusively prepared for UC-win/Road. Diverse features such as leaves and branches swaying in the wind, growth simulation, and such are available.
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 MD3 Character

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Sample movie

 3D Tree

Excellent default textures of slopes, excavations, road surfaces, pavements, walls and such are available. Sky and landforms can be mapped in default, and many special textures such as trees and signs can be arranged with their dedicated commands. The cockpit while cruising can be used as a texture.
Click to enlarge the image.


Textures such as a cross section form, a road surface, a pavement are available as it is.
Click to enlarge the image.


It is possible to use High Quality textures such as slopes, road surface, pavement surface, and wall surface textures.
The sky and terrain can be mapped as a standard, and many special textures such as trees and signs can be placed with dedicated commands. The cockpit during driving can also be used as a texture.
Click to enlarge the image.

 Construction Methods
It supports textures for construction methods.(Data provided by HIROSE&Co., Ltd)
*HIROSE&Co., Ltd has the copyrights of texture (photo image)
Click to enlarge the image.

It supports model/texture for road hazard simulation. (Date provided by Road Management Technology Center)

*This database is provided having permission from Road Management Technology Center.
Click to enlarge the image.
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