News Release January 5th, 2021


FORUM8 Co., Ltd.

FORUM8 Developed "Vehicle Operation Simulator" for Snowplow Operator Training together with NEXCO Group


FORUM8 Co., Ltd. (2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo. President Yuji Ito. URL: developed the "Vehicle Operation Simulator" with the purpose of training operators of snowplow together with Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited (NEXCO Central) and Central Nippon Highway Maintenance Nagoya Company Limited.

The NEXCO Central Group has an urgent need to train new operators of snowplow in preparation for the aging of the current vehicle operators and the shortage of workers due to the decrease in the working population. As for the snow removal on highway which requires advanced driving technique, in particular, the problem was that there were few opportunities for the operators to acquire skills using actual vehicles.

Therefore, FORUM8 and the NEXCO group codeveloped the "Vehicle Operation Simulator" which reproduces the cockpit of snow removal vehicle by using UC-win/Road and realized the training of the vehicle operation alike the actual ones.

This simulator realizes the training of operators throughout year. Trainees can simulate the driving in special weathers in real time and can get training results separated in each items such as "Driving course", "Zig-zag driving", "Risk of collision (the number of collisions)", "Distance to the vehicle in front".

As UC-win/Road corresponds to the vehicle dynamics, it can reproduce the dynamic vehicle driving motions like actual vehicles in high precision. The cockpit design of this system is also built with high-precise 3D models, reproducing the arrangement of button layout and switch operation based on the real cabin. The height of driver's view and the position and number of mirrors can be configured freely.

In addition, a wide variety of 3DVR simulation functions realize many different expressions of weather and scenario and the flexible data creation according to the purpose.

Main Features of the simulator

  • The actual road environments on highway such as curve, gradient, bridges, tunnels, and toll gates are reproduced in VR.
  • The vibration during removing snow is reproduced by vehicle dynamics.
  • The replay function records vehicle operations and driving status to review results of driving and snow removal.
  • It can simulate the cooperative driving training that is assuming the snow removal in the echelon formation by using up to 3 simulators. (Other vehicles can be operated automatically.)
  • Driving diagnosis and assessment in 5 ranks after training.

▲Vehicle operation simulator

▲Images seen from the cockpit

▲Image of the snow removal in the echelon formation

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