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How to use
This program is an application software for 32 bit Windows and can work on the Windows NT / 2000 platform.
We recommend you use it in the suitable hardware requirement if possible.
After download, execute each file and expand all of files in the same directory.
Double click [Setup.exe] to execute setup on Windows Explorer.

Functional outline
Starting of a product
Start menu
The program ->FORUM 8 ->UCwinFRAME(3D)Evaluation -> the UC-win/FRAME(3D) evaluation version
It can start.

The evaluation version function
All input operations including an optional feature can be tried also on the direction out of which it does not come with the license of UC-win/FRAME (3D) series.
Please choose a product option to try at the time of starting of the evaluation version.

Restriction function
The evaluation version has the following functional restriction.
-Although change of input data is possible, preservation and export cannot be performed.
-Calculation will become impossible if the model created newly and input data are changed.
Please use the sample model of the product appending to confirm the content of the report output including the result screen and the result.