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Today, when diversified information is exchanged across the world through the Internet, the question is how to take advantage of such mechanism as an effective tool. Especially, there are various information web sites for civil engineering IT (information technology). It is important to reserve an as wide range of channels as possible so that you can get optimum information for your own needs.

From this point of view, this corner will focus on unique overseas web sites concerned with civil engineering IT.

The first feature in this series is "iCivilEngineer.com," a knowledge portal specially designed for civil engineering professionals and students.

Started as a Web Directory of Civil Engineering

According to the web site, iCivilEngineer.com started as a web directory of civil engineering in 1999. Its goal is: 1) collect and catalog valuable civil engineering relevant Internet resources so that people can find information fast; 2) explore how to take advantage of Internet technology to serve the civil engineering community.

Now iCivilEngineer.com offers the following 5 centers.
News Center - It covers categories like Engineering News, IT News, Industry News, Project News, Big Project Watch, and Failure Watch. Each news item includes a headline, date, and its original news site. Clicking "More... " leads the reader to the full story at its original site. On the other hand, as to Big Project Watch and Failure Watch, brief summary and its linked site for detailed information are written with request for readers to provide information.

Career Center contains services and information including Search Jobs service by regions and profession types, Post Your Resume service, Virtual Job Fair which adds job posting service, PE Exam Guide, Virtual Bookshelf by categories and purposes.

IT Center contains sites of Software Guide, Freeware, Open Source, and Mobile Computing. The first three sites offer brief summaries and links for more detailed information; Mobile Computing site offers products information.

Tools Center offers convenient online tools such as Unit Conversion, Local Guide, Weather, and Major stock quote.

Resource Center offers the web directory which is organized by areas, Famous Engineers, Landmarks, Best Discussion Groups, Best Mailing Lists, Professional Association Index, Academic Department Index, Industry Leaders, Professional Magazines, Small Biz Guide, Online Learning, Upcoming Events, and so on. It also contains WTC coverage.

The simply designed top page starts with Civil Engineering Headline News including Engineering News, Project News, Industry News, and IT News. Below them are several sections entitled Civil Engineering Feature of The Week, iCivilEngineer Popular, Civil Engineering Web Directory, offering important information.

One of the characteristic features of iCivilEngineer.com is its corner of Free Magazines. Click each magazine, and fill in the qualification forms with your profession and so on. After the form is forwarded to the publishers and the application is accepted, the subscription will be free of charge. Qualification for overseas subscriber may vary according to publishers, so it will be advised to ask details.

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