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National Steel Bridge Alliance

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This section focuses on a unique overseas website concerned with civil engineering IT. This issue features National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA), an unincorporated division of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, as featured in vol. 62.

National Organization to Promote Steel Bridges

According to its website, NSBA was founded in 1995 as a non-profit division of AISC. NSBA seeks to make steel the material of choice for bridges through marketing, technology, education, and legislative action. NSBA dispatches information on advantages of steel bridges, state-of-the-art technology, and others via the website for the purpose of increasing steel's share of the bridge market.

Members of NSBA consist mainly of steel-producing and fabrication companies. At present NSBA has about 125 active members and 40 affiliate members (engineering firms, DOTs, and companies supplying parts and materials).

Technical Handbook and Data of Prize Bridges Available to Download

The top page of the NSBA site is well organized, compactly arranged, and easy to understand. The buttons for contents on the left side include "WHO WE ARE" "INDUSRY NEWS" "WORLD STEEL BRIDGE SYMPOSIUM" "PRIZE BRIDGE COMPETITION" "CONTACT US" "AASHTO/NSBA STEEL BRIDGE COLLABORATION" "NEWSROOM" "LEGISLATIVE UPDATE" "TECHNOLOGY FOCUS" and "VISIT THE AISC WEBSITE (link to AISC)", three of which, "NEWS ROOM" "TECHNOLOGY FOCUS" and "LEGISLATIVE UPDATE," are also placed at the center with summaries, as they seem to be most frequently accessed.

"NEWS ROOM" provides menu including "NEWS RELEASES" and "BRIDGE CROSSINGS ARTICLES," where a viewer can check activities of NSBA, articles about steel bridges, and so on. For example, from the page of "WHITE PAPERS," one can view PDF documents reported on advantages of steel over concrete from different aspects such as reducing time for construction, environmental consideration, high performance steels, and weathering characteristics.

"TECHNOLOGY FOCUS" provides information on related technology from various angles to improve the application of steel bridges into the transportation system. "Steel Bridge Design Handbook" is one of the features, which will encompass 23 chapters with seven design examples. Based on the original Highway Structures Design Handbook produced by US Steel in the 1970s, NSBA is undertaking its updating with federal grant money. A part of its current version is available to download in PDF format. TECHNOLOGY FOCUS also includes a page for "NSBA Publications" which shows publications produced by NSBA. Summaries of some titles are available to download in PDF format. To order these books, this page is linked to AISC's website where NSBA products can be purchased through the online bookstore. There is also a page for "Bridge Software" that showcases software to assist bridge design.

"LEGISLATIVE UPDATE" commentates the latest movement of the legislative body influencing the steel industry. It also sends messages from NSBA that encourages stakeholders in industry to approach legislators, with suggestions on how to make a move.

"Prize Bridge Competition" page treats the NSBA Bridge Awards that honor outstanding steel bridges constructed within the U.S. The Awards are presented in odd-numbered years, and bridges are selected from such points of view as innovation, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. Detailed data and photos of the past winners can be viewed on the web.

In addition, "WORLD STEEL BRIDGE SYMPOSIUM" carries information on the symposium held every two years for experts, state officials, and others. "INDUSTRY NEWS" posts calendar of events including conferences, as well as links of relevant organizations. NSBA offers services including preliminary design assistance and design reviews as informed on the website. It appears that the whole site is so elaborated as to afford facility to those concerned.

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