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We introduce in this issue Virtual Mechanics Corporation, which is well known for its CarSim.
However, some of you might not be familiar with CarSim. We will introduce CarSim first.

CarSim, TruckSim, BikeSim are vehicle dynamics simulation software family, developed and commercialized by Mechanical Simulation. CarSim is used by more than 30 auto makers, more than 60 auto parts manufacturers and more than 150 universities and laboratories worldwide.
It is a defacto standard of vehicle dynamics simulation software.

Virtual Mechanics Corporation is an authorized distributor of Mechanical Simulation Corporation in Japan, and plans, develops, imports and markets CarSim-based vehicle dynamics simulation tools.
In Japan, users include 15 auto makers, 18 auto parts manufacturers, 5 tire manufacturers, 37 universities, with laboratories and engineering companies using CarSim for vehicle research and development.

FORUM 8 has developed a relationship with Virtual Mechanics Corporation after CarSim was adopted as the vehicle dynamics model for the Drive Simulator in Toyota Motor Corporation's Vehicle-infrastructure Coordination Systems (we introduced this system in Up and Coming Vol. 77).
FORUM 8 and Virtual Mechanics Corporation are now cooperating in a large-scale drive simulator development.
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(Up & Coming 2009 Midsummer issue)

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