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FORUM8 signed the partnership agreement with SIMUTEACH, a driving academy in the Republic of South Africa.

SIMUTEACH was formed in 2014 and is providing the driving training using driving simulators. The system has been developed such that it can be manipulated with different scenarios to achieve better learning results so that the learner driver have better experience before he/she goes to practical driving training on our roads.

Director Andre Van Der Merwe commented: "The goal of SIMUTEACH is to develop and market driver training and research simulators of the highest graphical quality, and high training effectiveness. We price our systems such that most new drivers can afford to enroll into our training program. It is our view that through the use of driver training simulators, we will create more competent drivers for the future to our roads and hence improve road safety."

"As we decided to expand our company, both the Driving Academy and the Technology operation, and following a detailed survey of the available software, we are delighted to have decided that VR-Design Studio from FORUM8 meets all of our current and future requirements. One of the many attributes of VR-Design Studio that we are excited about is its ability to not only mirror the real world in all its beauty but also to develop multiple driving scenarios under multiple environmental conditions as well as a driver diagnosis system to monitor and report on the driver's performance", he also says.

Africa, and South Africa in particular, has one of the highest road crash death rates in the world, as stated in the World Health Organization (WHO) report on road traffic injury prevention. Each year approximately 14 000 people die on South African roads. VR-Design Studio and drive simulators may have an excellent potential for the contribution to society through its driving and traffic simulations. By this new conclusion of a contract with the company in Africa, FORUM8 will aim for the business expansion in Africa.

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