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CR&M of Lisbon, Portugal is the latest sales and distribution partner for FORUM8's award winning real-time interactive 3D VR simulation and modeling software VR-Design Studio ( ).

CR&M is a company specializing in the provision of the latest driving simulation technology with particular emphasis on driver training and human factors research.

Apart from providing access to VR-Design Studio the FORUM8 Partner Agreement also enables CR&M to market and sell any of the large selection of hardware platforms within the FORUM8 Driving Simulator portfolio. In addition, CR&M has invested in a tailored software training program to take place in the Lisbon HQ. This will enable the company to 'hit the ground running' and thereby maximize the opportunity within what is a growing market.

Antonio Macedo, CEO of CR&M commented, "We chose to partner with FORUM8 after a significant amount of market research into the best possible software for our requirements."

"What we wanted was 3D interactive software that both met our technical as well as commercial requirements. It had to be both highly functional whilst at the same time being able to be tailored to individual client needs. It also had to be competitively priced."

"For example one of our clients requires a driving simulator to study various road scenarios and variables related to driver behaviour in situations of controlled driving."

"They also wish to study the effects of human factors in the man-machine interface, and the optimization of driving behaviour. The effect of alcohol, drugs, fatigue, interaction with medicinal substances and use of cognitive capacities is also part of their stated requirements."

"In addition this client and indeed all our clients need to know that the software is under constant development and that the supplier is in a position to provide the correct level of training and on-going technical support."

"VR-Design Studio and FORUM8 driving simulators will enable the above client and indeed all our other clients, both current and future, to achieve all of their objectives and then some... This is one of the many reasons for choosing to partner with FORUM8."

Mr. Antonio Macedo, CEO of CR&M

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