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With Successful Results in Solution Tools for Geotechnical and Structural Engineering, Expecting "UC-win/Road" to be Spread Within the US
"I am not familiar with other similar (3D real-time virtual reality (VR) software) products, but my impression with "UC-win/Road" is its ease of use," said Project Manager of ENSOFT, INC. Jose A. Arrellaga, at the site of "SIGGRAPH 2007" held in San Diego, CA in the US in August 2007. In his view, the largest advantage of "UC-win/Road" is that anybody who knows about computer usage can learn "UC-win/Road" probably within a couple of weeks.
Another aspect that attracts Mr. Arrellaga's attention is that every time "UC-win/Road" is upgraded, it incorporates additional features that are superior to the ones in the past releases. It shows that the programmers are working hard for the next release and that even more interesting products are expected to emerge for the near future. Those are important aspects of the company, as he says.

Headquartered in Austin in Texas, ENSOFT, INC. was established in 1985. Its principal aim is developing and applying computer-based solutions to advanced and complex engineering problems in the fields of geotechnical and structural engineering. Their most popular products include programs for analysis and design of foundations or drilled shafts employing piles, such as "LPILE" which is a program for analyzing piles and drilled shafts under lateral loads, and "GROUP" which is a program for the analysis of piles in a group. Ensoft now has over 3,000 licensed sites in over 75 countries around the world.
Every engineer in the company has advanced degrees in science or engineering. Mr. Arrellaga has advanced degrees in structural engineering with specialization in concrete bridge structures and seismic designs as well as instrumentation systems. His recent consulting services were in the fields of offshore structures and port developments. In the past few years, he has also been in charge of the management and marketing of Ensoft's various software products.

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Mr. Jose A. Arrellaga,
Project Manager, ENSOFT, INC.

Their introduction to Forum8 was through a common partnership with BasisSoft, their software representative in Korea and Singapore.
"We were very impressed on our first exposure to 'UC-win/Road' while observing the interesting virtual-reality models created from various users and Forum8 over a year ago."
Having a background in transportation engineering and being related to many construction projects, they immediately noticed the potential of that product and the benefits it could bring about to their clients in the United States. Then, in their office, they allotted a dedicated computer with high-end graphics for the specific use of the "UC-win/Road" software. They assigned a technician for this software product for a few months to use it along with models created by Autodesk 3ds Max.
Having developed a sound understanding of "UC-Win/Road, the Company made their first self-supported presentation to the staff engineers from the Department of Public Transportation at the City of Austin, Texas. They plan to organize additional custom presentations to key agencies and companies, such as to engineers from various State Department of Transportation offices, to district offices of the U.S. Corps of Engineers and to large consulting agencies.
On the other hand, according to Mr. Arrellaga, the UC-win/Road software is currently under the marketing process of name recognition within the United States. This process takes some time and needs to develop sample projects of applications along with name recognition. In this sense, Assistant Professor Yoshihiro Kobayashi and his team at College of Architecture & Environmental Design, Arizona State University, who are their current users of "UC-win/Road," have even provided much help and some of their models during their recent marketing efforts. It is expected to bring about a certain result as well as expansion for the future.

UC-win/Road software, says Mr. Arrellaga, is a useful tool for all people that are involved in changes to the built environment. In the near future, they believe that the use of software of this type may become common to help visualizing changes in any type of infrastructure. A few minor glitches and typos were addressed in the last two releases of "UC-win/Road" so they are very satisfied with the most current release (v3.03).
To this date the Forum8 products that ENSOFT deals in is limited to the UC-win/Road. This is due to the requirements of release in English language and codes, and to the fact that Ensoft offers only a few selected software products that are developed outside their company and only after a thorough evaluation process.
Nonetheless, Mr. Arrellaga is looking forward to see good growth on the partnership between the two companies once their relationship are established through which they give mutual support for the products of each other in each market.
This article is written based on interview and the above website with the permission of ENSOFT, INC.

Exhibition at BE Conference 2007
held from April 29 - May 2
at Los Angeles Convention Center
Exhibition at American Society of Highway Engineers
- National Conference
2007 held from May 20 - 24
in Atlantic City, New Jersey

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