Dealer Network News Vol. 27

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Lately, IDM E&C Co.,Ltd. having BIM design as the main business were joined to the sales network in South Korea.

The company is one of few Korean companies who is operating BIM design of civil engineering construction such as railroad, dam, condominium, port, etc. not only in Korea, but in world countries. As the business result, they received a lot of works of the BIM design and the construction simulation such as many domestic civil engineering construction in Korea such as the project from Korea Water Resources Corporation as well as in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Singapore.

Moreover, they have specialists including the president of the company, such as 3 doctors of engineering and 1engineer where the association with their own BIM technology and construction simulation by using UC-win/Road, the 3D and VR simulation software of Forum 8, is under consideration. We expect for Forum8's product related to BIM to being used for BIM associated works in Korea domestic and the overseas.

IDM E&C Co., a Ltd. in the company Office entrance

Dealer Network News Vol. 27
DEALER NETWORK Pegasus Services International Corp.

Selling area : Taiwan

Pegasus Services International Corp. is a plan consultancy firm specified for engineer, and many excellent engineers in each branch, such as construction works, measurement, and information engineering, are enrolled, and provides various engineering service as an excellent solution provider from a whole proposal to consulting of operation plan, software and hardware equipment, system management platform and technical support for customers.

Pegasus also have been sold software positively since its establishment and is an authorized dealer of world popular vendor in the industry. It joined the international reseller network of Forum8 which provide reliable and high quality software product and service by considering the needs of future market at this time. We are aiming to the direction so that the technology of 3D virtual reality become the main process of future industry, and by the confirmation of visualization, more practical discussion can be realized by evaluation of the project and as platform of consensus formation.

Pegasus have its base in Taiwan and have wish to expand the business positively in Taiwan and mainland China.

Pegasus Services International Corp. in the company

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