Dealer Network News Vol. 28
DEALER NETWORK Western Regional Partner Network

Sales area: Europe
I'm very pleased to report that our network of Partners in the West is growing steadily. We now have active Partners in France, Turkey, the Middle East, Ireland, UK, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. Plus we anticipate signing new agreements with Partners in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Italy over the coming months.
Our Commercial Partners tend to be split into a number of different types:

1. Companies that want to use our 3D VIS software to add value to their own proprietary software. E.g. BMIA in France and Mechanical Simulation in the USA.

2. Companies that are existing dealers of a third party software such as Vissim or S-Paramics, and wish to benefit from our ability to improve these industry standard products through our unique 3D VR technology. E.g. iLTP in Ireland.

3. Companies that wish to work with Forum8 to enhance UC-win/Road through their own research and development, both with respect to the actual features and functionality of the software as well as developing new market niches for the technology. E.g. VSAT in the USA.

4. The final group of commercial partners are companies that wish to integrate our 3D VIS software into their Drive Simulation hardware and hence improve their own offering to the market. E.g. SimCraft in the USA.
Drive simulator of SimCraft

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