Dealer Network News Vol. 29
(TST-Virtual Reality)

Sales area:China Beijing

kۈՍݐȋZLi (TST-Virtual Reality) is the special organization which was founded in 2006 and carries out technology research and development professionally, and it offers the integration solution of the virtual reality which leads the world and three-dimensional visualization technology.

This company carries out the technical research of virtual reality and landscape simulation based on PC platform and the research development of software /hardware for CG, and it focuses on the integration of a landscape simulation and the virtual reality system and sale of virtual reality products. Since establishment, they have focused on the research development of virtual reality platform software which our company has intellectual property rights consistently and the use of advanced software/hardware technology both inside and outside of Japan, and it succeeded in the development of a virtual reality simulation system called TST-VR which leads the world by technology accumulation over the years and technical innovation.

When department work, kۈՍݐȋZLi (TST-Virtual Reality) participated in the forum of VR held in Beijing, they touched the function of UC-win/Road, and they are aiming more extensive and full service deployment which the insufficient function is compensated mutually by combining with our product.

Moreover, for the future, with advancing sale of software and data creation service, they would like to develop the new product combined with our product by customizing UC-win/Road.

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