Dealer Network News Vol. 30
DEALER NETWORK Shanghai Chikushi Engineering Consultants Co., LTD

Sales area :Shanghai, China

Shanghai Chikushi Engineering Consultants Co., LTD was established by reorganizing joint-stock company between Chinese and Japanese which belongs to ex-city design institute.

After that they have been involved with the design work in Japan as a design consultant and are very familiar with the market in both China and Japan.
Especially they have the latest standards and technical reference and understand the construction process in Japan.

Their work wide-ranges such as railway civil engineering construction, architectural design for civil society and road and bridge design etc. and they are supported by the employees who have high technology levels. This company has many employees who have "High of middle professional qualifications" which is a qualification for design engineers in China and offers the latest technology and products in a wide region. 

FORUM8 made a contract with this company 2 years ago. They have been involved with many activities in Japan and introduced the products of FORUM8 in anticipation of the business expanding. They have used all our software from UC-1 series to structural design software and simulation software, UC-win/Road.

Moreover, they are advancing development of function which reproduces the analysis result of crowd software (Legion) by UC-win/Road and making a strong effort to exploring new users in China with sending engineers to exhibition etc.

This year they are in charge of the revision task of the version for Chinese standards of out products UC-1 series, and the development of "Design of Abutment Ver.2" after "RC section calculation" and "Design of temporary sheathing work design Ver.2" exactly applied to Chinese standards has been finished.

In this way, the business tie-up between Shanghai Chikushi Engineering Consultants Co., LTD and FORUM8 has being proceeded, and the development of design software in Chinese market is more and more expected.

In the office : Entrance (left), Workspace (middle), Meeting(right)

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