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Road Web Viewer
The Web viewer supported the presentation functions of UC-win/Road
Introduction of VR model of various project

UC-win/Road Product Information
UC-win/Road Product Information
UC-win/Road Support System
UC-win/Road Support System

UC-win/Road for Civil3D
UC-win/Road for Civil3D

UC-win/Road Trial Version
UC-win/Road Trial Version

Detail of this ProductPrice / PurchaseDownload

The Price of Web ViewerNote : Contact Our bisiness office for the detail.
Program Specification Price

 Web Viewer

System Remark US$3,800
1) Road Web Viewer UCwinRoadWeb.ocx : Japanese Version
UCwinRoadWeb_en.ocx : English Version
2) Manufacturing Road Data (original) Verification by data reduction and adjustment
3) HTML file for Viewer loading  
4) Cleanup tool SmartReg.exe(SmartReg.zip):Japansese version
SmartRegEN.exe(SmartRegEN.zip):English version

Web Viewer
Server, HP

Settings Remarks US$2,000
1) Building server folder  
2) UC-win/Road data for the web
Uploading the data by Zipped to web site
3)Web site for the web viewer Create the page, link setting, clean up tool and so on.
4)Setting IIS  

Note: The price is for one data in one server(one CPU). It is \180,000 for an additional data.
Note: For the system construction is based on the hardware and the software we selected
Note: It is included the normal system setting and the first installation service, but not included the price for operation and administration.

Reference : Assumed Hardware(Web Server)
Hardware Name (Ref.)
Server Dell, PowerEdge SC430 SATA, the package in which Dual core technology is mounted as standard
OS Microsoft(R) Windows Server(TM) 2003 SP1 Standard Edition
Contract with service provider, domain name Taking static IP adress
Virus checking software for the server Symantec, Norton AntiVirus

Purchase / Contact
Contact for UC-win/Road : road@forum8.co.jp

: Please contact to the Version Up Center (vc@forum8.co.jp) for your inquiry.
Contact : Please feel tree to inquire for whole homepage to forum8@forum8.co.jp
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