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3D Laser Scanning and Modeling Service

Measuring and modeling point cloud data by 3D laser scanner

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Product details

Service overview and summary

In the surveying and construction industries, there is a growing interest in 3D modeling using point-cloud data, which is collected using high-precision mobile GPS device.

In UC-win/Road Ver.5, there is a new function that enables users to import and edit point cloud data in real time. (UC-win/Road Point Coud Modeling) There is a variety of uses for this new feature.

Previously, point cloud data was solely used as reference points to be displayed or used in converting to 3D. Whereas, the point cloud data modeled in UC-win/Road can be used in various ways, such as to verify projects with 3D models and VR models that were created during the planning stage with high precision by measuring accurately the complete 3D objects and roads.

Fig. 1:
3D laser scanning
Fig. 2:
Point cloud data imported into UC-win/Road
(Nihonbashi, downtown Tokyo)

FORUM 8 is launching "3D Laser Scanning and Modeling Service" using Nikon-Trimble's 3D laser scanning device. Using this service, customers can receive assistance in collecting and modeling point cloud data. Since we start offering VR modeling service using point cloud data provided by clients at the same time, we are able to provide VR modeling service (UC-win/Road Support Service) using data provided by clients and data provided to clients. FROUM8 has already imported point cloud data and tested them, with the help of various scanner makers, thus, we can guarantee that we are able to display and edit of data with more than 20 million points in real time.

3D laser scanning service has following features, and the procedure begins with decision of the measurement position, the scanning and then the post-processing, as shown in the below diagram.

Point cloud data model in color can be acquired as above.

UC-win/Road Point Cloud Data Plug-in option can be used to generate TIN data from laser-scanned point cloud data and model the terrain using terrain patch function, as well as to import point cloud data.
Positions of the point cloud data can be adjusted by moving in parallel and rotating them inside the 3D space.

With the plug-in's data export function, users can export the terrain data, generated from the point cloud data, in Land XML to a third party program.

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New product introduction

3D Scanning and Modeling Service: a sample quotation

3D Scanning work
Section length 100m
Preparation time 1 hour
Survey location 4 locations minimum, 30 min per 1 location, total 2 hours
Post-processing 1 hour
Measurement precision 1.5cm at 20m ahead
Number of point cloud data Approx. 400 million points in 100m section
Total cost 33,963 yen
* NB: quotation based on measurement of roads, sidewalks,
and road side buildings only - travel time is not included

3D VR Modeling cost
Road 100m (standard quotation distance for UC-win/Road) 16,874 yen
Building 10 buildings and street furniture (streetlights, trees, road signs) 64,080 yen
* NB: quotation based on measurement of roads, sidewalks,
and road side buildings only - travel time is not included

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