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Overseas tie-up information
- the University of Greenwich, FSEG (the Fire Safety Engineering Group)-

On December 11, 2006, FORUM8 and University of Greenwich, FSEG (Fire Safety Engineering Group) came to a mutual agreement and signed a contract for software localization, sales and support (EXODUS、SMARTFIRE etc)throughout Japan and China.

The study group in the University of Greenwich has one of the best world class technology involving evacuation analysis, development and simulation consultancy works.
The Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) headed by Prof. Ed. Galea is highly regarded by the European and American evacuation analysis groups. They have been providing advanced evacuation models such as "building EXODUS", "maritimeEXODUS", "airEXODUS" as well as the "911WTC" evacuation Study.
These also enable analysis pertaining to SMARTFIRE as a Fire Simulation Tool.
FORUM8 has obtained the exclusive sales rights and have begun to localize, sell and support these products throughout Japan and China. These products will be linked with Forum8's "UC-win/Road" in technical domains. We will propose this solution to the construction and engineering field in Japan. Please keep a look-out for our latest developments and releases.

Product information is constantly updated on the homepage.

EXODUS / SMARTFIRE Product Information Page    http://www.forum8.co.jp/product/shokai/ex-sf.htm

Endorsement Ceremony (FORUM8 Tokyo head office, December 11, 2006)


the Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) the University of Greenwich Overview

火災安全工学グループ(FSEG) 英国グリニッジ大学 the Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) the University of Greenwich

Homepage    http://fseg.gre.ac.uk/

FSEG is the world leader in Computational Fire Engineering.

The Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) at the University of Greenwich was established in 1986 by Prof. Galea. The 30-strong multi-disciplinary team is focused on the development and application of Computational Fire Engineering (CFE) tools for the simulation of evacuation, non emergency circulation of people, combustion fire/smoke spread, structural response to fire and fire suppression.
Application areas include, the built environment, aerospace, marine and rail for the following field.
    - Airbus A380 super jumbo jet -Evacuating analysis
    - Investigating the Swissair Flight 111 -A fire safety analysis
    - new Royal Navy aircraft carrier (CVF) -Evacuation analysis
    - Investigating the Ladbroke Grove Rail Crash -A fire safety and Evacuation analysis
    - London millennium dome -Evacuation analysis
    - Sydney Olympic Stadium - Evacuation analysis

Examples of consultancy projects undertaken by FSEG include:

    - Evacuation Analysis for Passenger Ships or naval vessel
    - Analysis of fire, smoke movement in underground stations
    - Evacuation analysis of high rise building
    - Evacuation analysis for aircraft manufacturers concerning design and certification and new aircraft
    - Evacuation analaysis, circulation of people in airport, underground station
    - Evacuation analysis of a hospital
    - Predicting the Toxic Hazard of Cable Fires
    - Evacuation analysis of aircraft, building, ship, rail as a full-scale and laboratory scale

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