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UC-win/Road Micro Simulation Player

UC-win/Road UC-win/Road Micro Simulation Player Plug-in Option US$3,360
S-PARAMICS Plug-in US$800
Micro Simulation Player is the function to run various type of simulation animation which is depicted as 3D models' movement.
It is capable to record and play a traffic flow as a result of UC-win/Road and other traffic simulation.
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UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
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Customer case study
UC-win/Road Micro Simulation Player for Legion(Case Study) (18 June, 2010)

Visualization of Legion's simulation result in UC-win/Road
Allows visualization of simulation results from Legion in UC-win/Road

What is Legion?Developed by Legion Software (U.K.)

Legion is a multi-agent pedestrian simulation software program, developed by Legion UK, in which the simulation is based on the behavior of each pedestrian with various characteristics, as opposed to a macrosimulation system, in which pedestrian flow is treated in a similar way to a flow of water. Various characteristics such as the age and gender are taken into account in Legion's simulation.

  • Easing the congestion at subway or railway station or airport terminal etc.
  • Evacuation strategy in case of an emergency
  • Crowd control planning at sports and music venues
  • Evacuation simulation of high-rise buildings and investigating the best evacuation procedures

Developed by
Shanghai Schikushi Construction Design Co., Ltd. (http://www.schikushi.com/)
Shanghai Schikushi Construction Design provides services including tool customizing and VR modeling service

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