6 axis motion unit Driving Simulator

UC-win/Road Experience Simulator

Initial Release:2008.09.05

Program Overview

This simulator is fully integrated with force feedback steering mechanisms, which grant users a realistic experience, as if driving an actual vehicle.
UC-win/Road Experience Simulator allows you to simulate driving environments in accordance with the rapidly improved car safety technology of ITS technologies (crash avoidance, decreased impact).

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Functions and Features

Main Features

1) Possible to apply VR space freely and give various driving environments in real-time

  1. A 3D VR space can be freely created at the user's will. Elements such as 3D cockipit, manual transmission, or mult-screen are also available. Supports event / sceneraio assignment and setting.
  2. Freely alter the driving environment by toggling numerous visual options from Visual Options.

2) Possible to implement various safety devices and give customization of the simulator

  1. ABS (Antilock Braking System)
  2. 4WD
  3. Stability control
  4. Collision avoidance
  5. Lane-keep assistance
  6. Power steering contol
  7. Adaptive cruise control

Most of the above features are developed by expanding the fundemental software library. Customizations are provided through made-to-order services.

3) Free standard VR data corresponding customization of scenario, events, and higher Hz

Sample road, traffic, or city models that are bundled in the UC-win/Road Web Viewer can be freely used.
Supports interactive driving scenario makings such as placing road obstructions (detour), or controlling traffic signal controls to create or recreate a circumstance.
Other elements such as collision-box or traffic accidents can also be optionally quoted and produced.  

4) Compact body design

  1. Streamlined egg-shaped design - round body due to safety consierations
  2. Low floor
  3. Floor can be depressed to low enough to achieve better rideability.
  4. Space Optimization: single seater setting and the optimization of the instrument panel locations provide a comfortable driving environment
  5. Dedicated one-screen display to achieve space optimization
  6. Steering mechanism made possible by these optimization

5) Realistic maneuver

  1. Realistic driving ssensations through the incorporation of force feedback technologies
  2. Realistic pedals providing the same sensations as if driving in the real world

6) Easy setup and mobility

  1. Require minmal space to set up
  2. Highly portable - simply load onto a castor and lower the jacks at a desired location to set up after moving. As for the power, only one 100V monophase current is required.

7) Standard equipment of each safety device

  1. 3-point seat belt; engine inhibitor when seat belt is not fastened.
  2. Emergency button to quickly stop or conveniently hold the current machine

Scenario Function

Various pre-determined movements or event triggers can be assigned to models in UC-win/Road to create scenarios. For example, traffic lights can be made as always turning red at a certain point, always make a congestion at a certain spot at a certain time, etc. This gives endless freedom and combinations to create or recreate the events that are necessary for a realistic driving simulator.

Coordination with CarSim

Driving conditions (elevation, friction, crosswind, etc.) dynamics, and parameters (pedal control inputs, steering, etc) from the Experience Simulator can be analyzed and have its motion refined accordingly for increased realism. This data can be reflected back into UC-win/Road's VR environment.

▲Virtual Mechanics's CarSim

▲Basic Motion Control Program

Road condition replication & customization

Highly Precise Simulation Based on Road Materials, Conditions and Types

Users are free to define the road friction coefficient μ to match the potential (weather) condition of wish. These will be accurately reflected back in the simulator and motion platform.

▲Driving through rain

▲Driving through snow


▲F1 track driving

About display performance: Please maintain frame rate to avoid motion sickness

Hardware System Configuration

  • W2810 × D2320 × H1985
  • 650kg
Power Supply
  • 200V 20A × 2 system
    100V 15A × 1 system
Maximum Speed
  • 225mm/sec
  • 350kg
Motion Platform
  • Electric 6-axis motion cylinders
  • 40 inch monitors ×3
  • 9 inch monitors for dashboard guages ×2
  • 12 inch monitor at rear canopy for driver facial recognition
  • 7 inch monitor for car navigation systems
Steering System
  • 2 different types of selectable electric steering wheels
  • Tilt mechanism in steering
  • Combination switches
  • Horn
  • Start switch
  • Hazard switch
  • Parking switch
  • Emergency switch
  • Reset switch
  • Display setting switch ×6
Sound / Vibration
  • 7.1ch surround sound system
  • Harmonics vibration system
  • Recaro sport seat, MOMO steering wheel, floor mat, storable seat belt
  • Oriinal dash board. Steering wheel can be altered between left hand traffic or right hand traffic.
  • Installation space for up to 7 speakers
  • Can be equipped with super subwoofer
(Original Design)
  • LED-illuminated side panels, headlights, brake lights, turn signals
  • Choose between a large stepping ramp or a more stylish one
(Original Design)
  • Easy loading onto a castor upon lower the jacks
  • LEDs also serve as a caution light reminding other's that the simulator has been activated.

Electric 6-axis Motion Platform Specifications

Performance Movable Axis Movable Range Max. Accleration Max. Velocity
Front / Back (X-axis) ±96mm 0.5G 225mm/sec
Left / Right (Y-axis) ±96mm 0.5G 225mm/sec
Up / Down (Z-axis) ±96mm 0.5G 225mm/sec
Roll (X-axis rotation) ±15dg    
Pitch (Y-axis rotation) ±15dg    
Yaw (Z-axis rotation) ±15dg    
Payload Below 350kgf 
Power Supply AC200V 50/60Hz Single Phase Electric Power 4KVA
Host Interface Ethernet

FORUM8 Driving Simulator Complies to ROHS Guidelines

Note that most regions other than the EU do not adopt the ROHS and thus can be sold without problems.
The ROHS prohibits the use of following materials that are harmful to humans: lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE).

Simulator Prodcuts

Desktop PC sold separately. Software price (UC-win/Road (USD8,800)

DS Option (USD3,360), MP Option (USD8,600)

Product Type Price Description

Compact Research Simulator

(3ch Default)
  • Simulator for Researches (UC-win/Road Driving Sim included)
  • All parts and guages are true automobile parts.
  • Supports both left / right hand traffic.
    Automatic transmission by default (manual transmission option available)
  • ActiveSteering default, MP (1-6 axis) option

Driving Simulator

(3ch default)
  • 3ch. 32” LCD monitor (UC-win/Road DS op. included)
  • 6DOF Motion Platform (max. payload 350kg)
  • 5.1ch Speaker, Body Sound
  • Force feedback-capable steering wheel (SENSO-Wheel)
  • Gas / brake pedal system
  • Direction indicator, mission option

Demo Simulator (2007)


(1ch default)
  • Small demonstration simulator (UC-win/Road excluded)
  • Compact type for guidance, exhibtion. Start/Stop buttons.
  • Equipped with steering wheel, gas / brake pedals

Hardware warranty is based on those specified by the manufacturer.

Price of VR data creation (Example of traffic accident model creation)

1. Railroad crossing accident

A situation of a vehicle ignoring the railway crossing warning signals, resulting in a collision. Both the track and the road are 200m.
Cars and trains are animated to recreate the collision, with the car flipping over and causing a derailment.

Data creation cost: USD3,200

2. Straying off a lane

A situation where a vehicle suddenly strays off a straight 800m road with excellent visibility. The vehicle wanders into the opposing traffic and collides with another car, spinning violently before coming to a stop.

Data creation cost: USD3,000

3. U-turn accident

A situation where accidents happened between traffic and a U-turning vehicle at a 800 m straight road.
Contains 2 different route patterns for each of the U-turning vehicle and the colliding vehicle. The violent movement after collision is also modeled after. The collidings cars also have damage details such as parts off and deformation.

Data creation cost: USD4,000


Product Price

Click here for the price of UC-win/Road

■System Price

Product Price
UC-win/Road Driving Sim

 Product composition:
  UC-win/Road Drive Simulator (Plugin option)
  including other plugins
Motion Platform Option USD8,600
6-axis motion-capable simulator hardware set USD295,000
Total USD316,400

*Other vehicle safety features or hardware components are quoted separately.
*Contains some sample VR data. Also see Product Specification Page for prices of new project production (approximately from USD1,000/km).
*Desktop PC, assembly labour cost, transportation costs are quote separately.

■UC-win/Road Experience Simulator Rental Price
(3ch 6-axis motion with full options) (Package system)

Specifications Rental Duration
1 Day 1 Month 1 Year
UC-win/Road-Experience Simulator

Basic Composition
 ・Egg shell cabin, 2C paint
 ・6DOF Motion Platform
 ・3ch. 32” LCD monitor
 ・5.1ch Speaker, Body Sound
 ・Force feedback steering
 ・Gas / Brake pedal system
 ・Direction indicators, mission option
UC-win/Road Driving Sim
Motion Platform Option
Basic cost

Extension (1 Day)
Basic cost

Extension (1 Month)
Basic cost

Extension (1 Year)
Installation / Transportation Fee Packaging, transportation, delivery costs
(e.g. within Tokyo in one day: USD1,700)
Installation fee: USD500
(1 engineer will be sent if necessary.
Clients responsible for accomodation or related fees during the stay.)

Order / Contact Us

Order / Contact Us

Inquiries about UC-win/Road: road@forum8.co.jp


Contact us from Sales inquiry or email to ist@forum8.co.jp