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FORUM 8 Goes into Partnership for Distributing Allplan Family products, German integrated solutions of BIM in Japan
Forum 8 signed the partnership agreement with Nemetschek Allplan GmbH for distributing "Allplan Architecture" and "Allplan Engineering" in Japan in spring, 2009.

Nemetschek Allplan GmbH is a one-hundred percent subsidiary of Nemetschek AG, a German provider of IT (information technology) solutions for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) sectors. With headquarters in Munich, Nemetschek Allplan is positioned as one of the leading European venders of software supporting the design and management of buildings.

Mr. Peter Mehlstaubler, CEO of Nemetschek Allplan GmbH, visited Japan in September. We interviewed him to hear the latest movement of Allplan and his idea about the partnership with our company.

History of Nemetschek Group
Nemetschek AG was founded by Professor Georg Nemetschek in 1963 as a civil engineering firm for the construction industry. Then as one of the first in the industry, the firm introduced computers for planning and construction of buildings. Initially, the firm developed engineering software only for in-house use. As the early models of the personal computer began to be available, Nemetschek engineering firm started to sell a software product in 1977. In 1980, Nemetschek released the first software package of graphic drafting program for engineers. It specifically was a revolution in the industry, causing Nemetschek to become a leader in the European market of CAD in the construction industry.

It's more than 40 years since Nemetschek was founded. Looking at the construction process as a whole, Nemetschek has been providing a wide range of IT solutions to support its customers at every stage of this process including the design, construction, and management of buildings and real estate, as well as to enable realistic visualization and animation. Currently, Nemetschek has more than 1,100 employees worldwide as a whole group consisting of 10 companies under Nemetschek. According to the Company, more than 270,000 customers in 142 countries use Nemetschek products.

In 1984, Nemetschek developed "Allplan", a CAD system for architects and engineers. This supports optimization of the entire creation process for buildings with regard to quality, costs, and time. Allplan supports not only the design and construction process for a building but also intelligent IT solutions. It is targeted at those fields including CAD, tendering, awards and billing and cost management through to the management and use of buildings (facility management). Allplan covers all levels of use of a modern CAD system ranging from simple 2D drafting and 3D planning to object-oriented building models with cost determination.

Recently, BIM is increasingly attracts attention. However, at the time of developing Allplan, the similar concept as BIM was already put in its vision that the architect and the engineer should work on the same platform using 2D and 3D models, says Mr. Peter Mehlstaubler.

The Global Expansion of Nemetschek and Expectation Towards the Partnership Agreement with FORUM 8
In the meantime, Nemetschek Technology GmbH, one of the group companies of Nemetschek, was renamed Nemetschek Allplan GmbH following an internal reorganization in January 2008. It made a new start for development. The aim of the new structure is to strengthen the Allplan brand and further improve the market position of the Allplan product family.

The company's core products of CAD software solutions are "Allplan Architecture", which is general architecture CAD software, and "Allplan Engineering", which is RC structure CAD software. These are currently available in 20 languages and are used by more than 60,000 customers. In Japan, their English versions are already distributed, and the Japanese versions are to be released soon.

Mr. Peter Mehlstaubler was appointed general manager of Nemetschek Allplan GmbH at its start. Mr. Mehlstaubler has more than 20 years' experience in the international software industry, especially with 3D applications and CG (computer graphics). He is responsible for the product and development organization and product marketing via the Nemetschek sales companies in Germany and abroad.

The partnership agreement brings about the advantage to FORUM 8 of strengthening the lineup of the solutions that connects design and engineering, in response to the rapidly increasing demand for BIM solutions.

On the other hand, Nemetschek Allplan pays attention to F0RUM 8's customer performance especially in Japan, as it aims at expanding to the Asian market with high accomplishments of Allplan in Europe and America. Moreover, Nemetschek Allplan also looks forward to various possibilities to be brought about by linking with FORUM 8's 3D dynamic nonlinear analysis program "Engineer's Studio", 3D-realtime VR software package "UC-win/Road", or advanced VR system "VR-Studio".

At the interview: Mr. Peter Mehlstaubler (CEO), Mr. Ivan Koys

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