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Sunovatech Infra Pvt. Ltd. is based in Delhi, India and specialized in Virtual Reality solutions, Software Development, Mobile Applications, Game Asset Development and Gamification .The company's experience to date includes projects in the following market areas: Architecture, Industrial Development, Master Planning, Transportation, Infrastructure Design, Landscaping, Artscape, Railways, Stadiums, Malls, Oil Rigs, Mining, Power, Sea Ports, Aviation, Industrial Processing and Engineering, Advertising, Defence, Entertainment (Gaming and Animations). The company approached FORUM8 London office with a request for more information about its Interactive 3D VR Simulation & Modelling technology. After the initial meeting, we invited Sunovatech to FORUM8 Design Festival 2018. After experiencing FORUM8 products at Design Festival, it resulted in the signing of a Sales & Distribution Partner Agreement.

"Sunovatech has an enviable reputation throughout it's markets for the provision of the highest quality visualization for a number of city modelling applications. Apart from their (FORUM8) award winning interactive 3D VR simulation software we were particularly impressed with their extensive range of Driving Simulators both static and motion based. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship". (Chief Executive Rishi Ahuja)

Sunovatech will handle all FORUM8 products including UC-win/Road and drive simulator. Since it has offices in UAE and Qatar, expansion of FORUM8 products in Middle East is expected.

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