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Liaoning Darong Information Technology Co., Ltd. Dandong City in China

This time, Liaoning Darong Information Technology Co., Ltd. (http://www.hopegis.com/) became the 9th Chinese sales agency.

Liaoning Darong is an IT enterprise and has the GIS system development, the survey business and the creation of maps data as a main business. The head office is located in Dandong City in the Liaoning Province.

Specially for the survey business, the company received the only surveying authorization in the Liaoning Province and is also managing the surveying data center. 30 persons from Dandong City people's government, the Traffic Bureau, the harbor economic section participated in the signing ceremony this last October. A round-table conference with the mayor of Dandong City was held and was reported by the mass communication such as the local newspapers, the television, etc. It was possible to start in a good position focussing the sale on UC-win/Road.

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Liaoning Darong Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Signing ceremony

Dandong City

(Up&Coming '07 New Year Special Publication)