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Forum 8 released overseas supported products mainly the UC-win series such as the 3DVR of UC-win/Road, and explained them positively by participating in the overseas exhibitions.
We are selling the overseas supported products to the civil engineering all over the world, to the construction related engineering firms and to the software development companies (now, 19 companies are dealing our products). The support is also possible at those companies.

This time, we introduce 2 companies which concluded sales contract with our company.

JGR COMPUTERS & CADD CENTER Sales area : The philippines http://www.jgrcadd.com
JGR COMPUTERS & CADD CENTER is selling CAD related systems all over the world and has a support service for their products.
Their activity is mainly in the Philippines and they are the authorized dealer of the Autodesk products for various management project systems.

Transoft Solutions Inc. Sales area : Canada, North America http://www.transoftsolutions.com

Transoft Solutions Inc. is selling CAD softwares for construction and engineering fields.
They are supplying softwares which are interchangeable with AutoCAD and MicroStation. The principal product is ParkCAD which supports the facility design of the parking zones, GuidSIGN for the signs design softwares, AutoTURN for the creation of the cars locus plans, etc.
Their activity is mainly in Canada, North America and they have utilization results all over the world.

Transoft Solutions company online store

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