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 FORUM8 have newly released various products that are supported beyond the domestic market. They include the UC-win series, like UC-win/Road, which is an efficient tool pertaining to 3D real time virtual reality. Various high profile global exhibitions have also been carried out with great success. Our distributor network primarily handles software development and sales in the civil engineering and construction field.
They offer and extend good support to our global users.
 This time, we will be introducing 3 companies that have recently joined our newly family of distributors.

 Construction Informatics Corporation   Selling area: Vietnam   http://www.cic.com.vn

Previously government owned, it is currently a privatised company dealing with software sales and development and have much power and influence in the Vietnamese market.
Their product range include tools involving city planning, road design and engineering services and have proven to be superior tools in the industry.

 RoboBAT Africa Egypt  Selling area: Egypt   http://www.robobat.com

They have a strong foothold in Egypt, Giza. They sell and support various structural analysis software.

 BLUE MEDIA GROUP CO.,LTD  Selling area: Turkey   http://www.blueajans.com , http://www.virgeoart.com

It is a general IT company that manages their headquarters in Turkey, Istanbul.
They specialize in selling UC-win/Road among the range of Forum8 software suite, with their primary focus on VR data making service in a diverse range of projects.

 A project application example of VR in Istanbul (Turkey)
  -"Kagithane-Piyalepasa"&"Bomonti-Dolmabahce" VR simulation in the tunnel project

 Traffic conditions are of primary concern in Turkey, Istanbul and have been a pressing issue for the local authorities. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality started the project "7 tunnels for 7 hills of Istanbul", in an attempt to solve the traffic problems.
 In the initial phase, 3DVR data involving pre-construction work of a road connection at the Bomonti-Dolmabahce tunnel located in the city center to a Kagithane-Piyalepasa tunnel located in the suburbs was created by the BLUE MEDIA GROUP support, using UC-win/Road.
 This 3DVR data of Kagithane-Piyalepasa 3,186m (upper and lower lane) and Bomonti-Dolmabahce 4,722m (upper and lower lane) included the various traffic related settings like traffic flow for example. It was completed in a month.
 The authorities in the Metropolitan Municipality was able to visualize from the data set, the merits of the construction of a new tunnel, as well as the potential short-comings of the project. Visualization was hence able to assist them in making a more informed decision on the merits and demerits of such a project. It seems to have been able to realize the merit of a new tunnel plan, a demerit again by this more intelligibly.


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(This article was serialized in the July 2007 number of the Up&Coming)