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FORUM8 releases the product for foreign countries centering on the UC-win series such as UC-win/Road of 3DVR, and display and explain positively at the exhibition held in many parts of the world.
The products for foreign countries are handled in the engineering company and the software development company related to engineering works and the construction of every country in the world, and are offering a part of the support in the locale. This time, we introduce two companies that newly conclude a sales agreement in India.

 Medulla-Soft  selling area : India    http://www.medulla-soft.com

It is IT company based in New Delhi, India that does the software sales, the ERP system, and the Web system construction.
The software sales centering on UC-win/Road and providing with the VR data creation service are done for the FORUM8 products.

 HIND INFOTECH    selling area : India    http://www.hindhydraulics.com/ (HIND HYDRAULICS & ENGINEERS)

The company is based in Faridabad, India and do the sales of several software products and provide with the service of IT related centering the sales of UC-win/Road and providing the VR data service.

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