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Beijing tepia Technology Co., Ltd Sales area: China
http://www.hydro-soft.cn http://www.hydro-soft.co.jp
FORUM8 is releasing international version, focusing on the UC-win/Road, one of a "UC-win" series and being active to show it on exhibitions held on around the world. Our international agencies deal with our products for international and support them. This time, let us introduce "Beijing tepia Technology Co., Ltd", which have their oversea outlets on big cities including China and Japan.

Tepia was established in the Tsinghua Science & Technology Park in Beijing, China on December, 2000 as one of Tepia group. They provide system development and solution about water engineering and environmental ecology, focusing on numerical analysis and information processing about "water" in civil engineering / construction fields. They have been active in sale of the UC-win/Road and the xpswmm since December, 2007 as one of our dealers. They participate actively in the 3D / VR simulation contest held in every year and their work won the Nomination Award in the 7th 3D VR simulation contest. This work was created as a material to explain overview and effectiveness of ecosystem restoration construction in the north side of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. They achieved a richness of expression simulating the effectiveness of construction from several view sights and making use of much kind of textures: 3D trees and MD3 characters including original created model textures. Click to see "the 7th 3D VR Simulation Contest Review" Getting the nomination award in the first time application shows their high level of 3D /VR technology using UC-win/Road and high quality of presentation.

Tepia, which have proven track records in water related business activities, is offering sales and technical supports of UC-win/Road for xpswmm, which link with the xpswmm, Rainfall-runoff / Inundation analysis software of FORUM8 products series.
This tool allows you to visualize and check the condition of overflowing in streams
To expand distribution of products through link with FORUM8, Tepia increased sales staffs and VR data creating staffs.
They will plan to send their excellent staff to FORUM8.
Those activities produce a good result such as learning the latest skill of UC-win/Road, improvement of sales skills and technical supports and acquiring 3D CG / VR trends.
Also, they Tepia and FORUM8 will exhibit on conferences together for increasing our market share.
We'll do our best to measure up to your expectations for distribution in China, including Beijing.

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