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JX International Pty Ltd Territory: Australia

Address : P.O. Box 682, Jamison Centre 2614 ACT, Australia
Tel :
E-mail : support@jx-international.com

Forum8 is pleased to announce our latest collaboration with Australia based JX International this September. JX international comprises of a team of highly skilled and experienced structural, geotechnical and software engineers to design, develop and deliver solutions to clients in the various engineering fields. With more than 10 years of experience, JX International has provided products, systems and professional service to many customers in the engineering industries. Tapping on JX International's specialization, Forum8 hopes to be able to penetrate the geotechnical and structural markets with our in-house developed Engineer's Studio, UC-win/FRAME 3D, GEOFEAS 2D/3D, to name a few. Specialized training seminars will be conducted to equip the team from JX International with knowledge on our software range. This will enable them to market more efficiently and effectively, Forum8's software range in Australia.

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