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Dealer Network News Vol. 26
DEALER NETWORK Kailai Dynasim Simulation Tech Co., Ltd

Sales area: China URL:http://www.kailaigroup.com/

Kailai Dynasim Simulation Tech Co., Ltd, established since October, 2009, specializes in the latest virtual reality solution including 3D visualization. There are many professional engineers working in this company, which boasts of a wide and variety of work engagements including the development of landscape simulation software system, 3D digital city, and virtual reality.

In China, they have the cooperated with universities, research institutes and governmental boards including Chang'an University, Fuzhou University, Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport, and Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security. They have also managed to maintain good and long-lasting relationships with these organizations. Their core technologies include the VIVIDSCENE landscape simulation platform and SVTS interactive leisure system, as well as the provision of products like driving simulator for scientific research, subway simulator for training, and reproduction simulation for the analysis of road traffic accident technologies.

We have had privilege to meet them through Ministry of Communications and the President Liu of the company commented on the background of the cooperation with FORUM8.

"We conducted a partnership project with Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport. When we went on a business trip to Beijing last year, they introduced UC-win/Road and we were keen and extremely interested in 3 axis driving simulator. We contacted FORUM8's Shanghai office and moved to Shanghai to attend a presentation of UC-win/Road and decided to purchase it on the very same day."

In this year, active sales activities were carried out after being the official partner of FORUM8. Their employees also participated in FORUM8's seminar. FORUM8 will help them grow with the customers through the continual provision of advanced technologies.
We will contribute to the expansion of VR business with our advanced technologies in future.
Kailai Dynasim Simulation, president Liu
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