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Dealer Network News Vol. 25

Sales area: South East Asia URL :http://www.properties-sah.com/

For the last five years, as the Mechanical Simulation Corporation (MSC) Agent/Re-Seller for SE Asia, SAH Corp (SAH) has been receiving inquiries about Driving Simulators from this region. Last year, they decided to investigate what would be required to develop and sell a system for Driver Training. After talking to a number of firms in this business, they chose FORUM8 as being the one most prepared to jointly develop a customized system. What really impressed SAH about FORUM8's approach to this application was that FORUM8 developed and sold UC-win/Road so that customers could make their own modifications. Also, they were treating the console, built around a real car interior, and motion platform as standard items, meaning that it eliminated the integration fees and long development and delivery times with custom designed systems. SAH's contribution was to add data sets for MSC vehicle dynamics models, CarSim and TruckSim, to the FORUM8's standard software and hardware and sell the system as a Driver Trainer. FORUM8 has opened the market with their standard hardware and software, MSC has added the ideal vehicle models, and now the work of following up each inquiry, along with its attendant customizations, has started for me in SE Asia. With the new partnership between SAH and FORUM8, we believe that the coupling of two world-leading solutions will prove to be extremely beneficial to the users.

Mr. Steve Hann, SAH Corp. (Left) and Mr. Liew Young Seong, our singapore dealer, Advance Contech Singapore(Right)


Sales area: Korea URL :http://www.engit.com

FORUM8 has signed a sales contract with E&GIT Co., Ltd in Korea. E&GIT is a company in GIS field and the product "4S-Van" developed by their in-house technologies has been focused as the latest technology in Korea.
"4S-Van" allows the structure of road facilities information as GIS database with the images from camera and GPS mounted in the vehicle.
E&GIT has used these technologies to structure 3D GIS data for each local government and Geographical Survey Institute in Korea.They lately developed MMS(Mobile Mapping System) with laser scanner and the survey from the vehicle can be also performed. Their next focus will be on FORUM8's UC-win/Road which allows the visualization of point cloud. They have decided to use it as VR tool for the data derived from their MMS.
The CEO of E&GIT, Mr. Joo, YoungEun said it is required to use the derived data and develop the new information processing technology, instead of completing just as the current working, in survey and GIS field. He also mentioned he believes the VR technology with UC-win/Road will be the effective tool for it.

Mr.Joo, YoungEun, CEO of E&GIT

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