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Collaboration News Vol. 11

Selling area : GermanyURL : http://www.ptvag.com/

FORUM8 the award winning Japanese 3D Visual Interactive Simulation specialists and PTV the leading Transport Modelling company from Germany signed a 'letter of understanding' at the recent ITS World Congress in Busan South Korea.

PTV, Germany Signing of partnership agreement

This document, which was signed by the FORUM8 President Mr Yuji Ito and the PTV Sales Directors Dr. Gerhard Ploss and Mr. Lajos Zubor, outlines the way in which FORUM8 and PTV will work together to market their individual software products to each others Partner Networks worldwide, to the mutual benefit of both organisations.

This document, which is in essence a Joint Marketing Agreement, enables Vissim users worldwide to take advantage of the tremendous benefits UC-win/Road offers in the area of interactive 3D urban modelling. It's high quality visual imagery coupled with its ease of use and competitive price make it a natural partner for the market leading micro-simulation system Vissim.

Brendan Hafferty the FORUM8 Western Regional General Manager commented; "this is an excellent arrangement for both our companies. PTV has a very strong user base in North America and Europe, while FORUM8 is the market leading 3D VR supplier in the Far East.

The Software Interface that allows a seamless bi-directional connection between Vissim and UC-win/Road will be officially launched at the FORUM8 Design Festival in Tokyo later this month.

The products covered by this agreement include

PTV's micro-simulation software VISSIM
FORUM8's 3D Visual Interactive Simulation software UC-win/Road
The UC-win/Road software interface for VISSIM
Plus all other appropriate software systems owned by either company

COLLABORATION NEWS Shenzhen Tsinghua Sware Software (THSWARE) (China)

Selling area : China URL : http://www.thsware.com/en

"Shenzhen Tsinghua Sware Software Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.(THSWARE) is the software manufacturer founded in May 2000 by the investment of Tsinghua University. THSWARE is the "Software research development and industrialized model" supported by Ministry of Construction, China and "New technology development company", "Focused software company"approved by Shenzhen city as well as Shanzhen city software association representing company. Currently they have more than thirty service centers and sales offices in each major city including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing.

FORUM8 and THSWARE started to collaboration of the virtual reality technology since 2005. They adopted our advanced VR software, UC-win/Road and its virtual reality technology, which resulted in the significant result. THSWARE has tried to focus on business project of our products such as the secure of sales area, enhancement of sales, advertisement of products in prospect of the developed VR market in China since 2009.

Project Director of THSWARE, Ms. Jiang Jinyu (Left) and CEO of FORUM8, Yuji Ito

Ms. Jiang Jinyu, project director of THSWARE participated in FORUM8 Design Festival held in Meguro Gajoen, Tokyo in November 2010 despite her crowded schedule. The latest knowledge of our products were informed by the advanced lecture on the latest architecture, civil engineering, and 3D VR and the demonstration of new solutions. We believe that the alliance and the trust relationship between FORUM8 and THSWARE could be further strengthened by this occasion.

Lately, THSWARE has stimulated not only sales activity but also the human resource development for the next generation as the software manufacturer with the latest technology. They planned and organized the 1st THSWARE CUP national student "BIM software modeling contest" with China Association of Construction Education. This contest is for the students who major in architecture, civil engineering, construction facility, project management. They undertake three important roles in the industrial chain and complete the task based on the architectural information model. In this contest, there are four awards such as group award, perfect award, special award, and excellent instructor award. The 600 of works from 82 universities and 135 teams were applied via internet and the 70 universities and 90 teams proceeded to the final stage and they competed in Qingdao Agriculture University. The purpose of this contest is that the implemention of the actual university curriculumn and the development of human resource, who can contribute to the society and country.
Currently FORUM8 and THSWARE are planning to hold the 2nd THSWARE CUP National Student "BIM software modeling contest" with the success of the 1st BIM Contest. This second contest is the BIM software modeling contest for the students in the vocational schools and universities as well 1st contest and the VR section will be added to the existing theme. It includes the works with our advanced 3D VR softwares such as UC-win/Road. Currently 106 universities are applying and 30 of these has applied for VR section. We would provide the occasion for students in China to experience the design using BIM & VR knowledge as well as it is expected that the products of THSWARE and FORUM8 would be used in a wide range of field.

The 1st THSWARE CUP National Student"BIM modeling contest"

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