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AMT3D Limited Selling area : Ireland, UK http://www.amt3d.com/
AMT3D Limited was established for commercialize the 3D software technique of Europe project leaded by Leeds University in UK. They have 3D CityModelling technique and that is expected to link with UC-win/Road around Irland.
When we visited, for training as well, a contest entitled Town of Tomorrow, which 27 teams of university and high school ,was held, and in the speech by the host, we were introduced as guests from Japan. We could also have meeteng with Town Council and IDA (JETRO in Ireland). That was a meaningful visit.

AMT3DADr. Brendan P Hafferty Situation of training
Town of Tomorrow Contest AMT3D, one of the sponsors

KBPDiM Transprojekt Sp. z o.o. Selling area : Poland http://www.transprojekt.com.pl/eng/
KBPDiM Transprojekt Sp. z o.o. is a consultant company which has a history of 55 years, three offices in Krakow (Kyoto of Poland) and 190 employees. As KBPDiM Transprojekt Sp. z o.o. is a agency and user at the same time, they succeeded the project used UC-win/Road themselves and their developmet in Pland is expected.
In Poland, starting time of work is early, 7:00, and they have lunch (dinner?) after goaback home at 15:00. It seems good system on that point that they can take enough time to spend with family on weekdays. We called at Centre of Japanese Art and Technology (manggha centre) after the training and could feel the close link with Japan.

Situation of training
A European pair game of go championship at manggha centre HP and office of Transprojekt

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