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Drivers Education Development Co., Ltd Sales area:Thailand

Prof. Tawatchai, who has wide experience in a field of the traffic engineering, is the president of Drivers Education Developmen Co., Ltd and he is also the president of Transport Reserch and Development Laboratory in King Mongkut's Institute of Thechnology Thonburi. In addition, he specializes planning, analysis and prediction about road traffic and engaged on a variety of project. His accomplishments of both academic and commercial fields to date are internationally acknowledged, and then he is also one of the decision-maker of Thai government assembly.

The amount of the development of transportation network has been increased in the Thai urban areas with the recent remarkable economic development. The transportation network radiates from Bangkok where population is concentrated into each area with maintained road, airline and railroad. In Bangkok city, modern high buildings stand a row and it is very beautiful row of houses along a city street. However, the local traffic maintenance is not perfect at all partly, and it is the present conditions that cause a serious traffic jam and chronic atmosphere pollution to neighboring areas.

In addition, there is the problem that a traffic accident occurs frequently without can take prior measures from the lack of traffic accident data enough. Basic traffic rules and the knowledge about the road sign of the citizen are also in question.

While rapid road traffic reformation is performed in order to improve such situation, Prof. Tawachai studies current basis of traffic thoroughly and works on various action for improvement. Recently, he is involved in the Thai policy for traffic management and introduction of advanced road traffic system that applies cutting-edge technology of transport planning.

On 8th and 9th July, we will visit the Thai highway Traffic Bureau, the Thailand Transport Policy Bureau and carry out a seminar of UC-win/Road under Prof. Tawatcha's cooperation. In the seminar, we're going to introduce not only the product summary but also international introduction examples of UC-win/Road to people concerned in detail. In Bangkok, government-related businesses generate most of jobs, therefore the introdution possibility of UC-win/Road is expected.

Before the end of the year, Kobayashi of our Osaka office will go over to Thailand and perticipates a project as an advaiser of use of UC-win/Road in Transport Reserch and Development Laboratory in King Mongkut's Institute of Thechnology Thonburi under the leadership of Prof. Tawatcha, and it is also planed to expand the Thai market of UC-win/Road. Please expect the significant deployment of UC-win/Road in Thailand and other Asian area.

Prof. Tawatcha (right)

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