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VR CAM Technologies Sdn Bhd. Sales area: Malaysia http://www.vrctech.com/

VR CAM Technologies Sdn Bhd is a software agency which was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1996 and deals in a variety of software for civil engineering analysis, geotechnical analysis, road traffic design and bridge design.

Recently, it has been actively concerning itself with comprehensive detailing for the manufacturing, foundation construction and oil and gas industries, with many clients from government agencies, education agencies, city planning commissions, building design companies, software developers, engineering consultants, manufacturers and oil gas industry consultants. VR CAM utilizes the specialized knowledge of technical staff appropriately and frequently provides training services for its clients. It is one of the constantly active agencies dealing our product UC-win/Road.

Sunway Construction Sdn Bhd in Malaysia is a construction consultancy which provides services related to the planning, preliminary studies, design and construction management of domestic and international construction projects. UC-win/Road was used for the 3D modelling of expressway intersections and creating simulations, which gained it a high reputation for its VR expressing a high quality sense of reality.

VR CAM and FORUM8 made a presentation of UC-win/Road ver.3.4 together at CONVR2008 held in Kuala Lumpur from October 20 to 21, 2008. CONVR is famous for its array of next-generation visualizations and interfaces of the future, as well as the exhibit of many leading-edge solutions. Many people from various fields came to our booth during the course of the convention.

Prof. Nashman Dawood (University of Teesside) and Prof. Nobuyoshi Yabuki (Osaka University Graduate School), who are scheduled to take part in the 2nd International VR Symposium (hosted by FORUM8) held on 19 November 2008, also took part in CONVR2008 as guest speakers and gave presentation about the abilities and possibilites of VR simulation technology.

Osaka University Graduate school
Prof. Nobuyoshi Yabuki (center)
The scene in the hall.
University of Teesside
Prof. Nashman Dawood (the second from left)
The scene at the presentation
VR CAM Technologies Sdn Bhd Home Page (http://www.vrctech.com/)

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