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Teach America Area: U.S.A.

Teach America - the latest Forum8 North American Premier Partner

The Florida based company Teach America (www.teachamerica.com ) is the latest 3D visualization company to recognize the tremendous potential of UC-win/Road the award winning Interactive 3D Visual Simulation Technology from Japanese VR specialists FORUM8.

Upon the recommendation of Mr. Michael Manore the Chair of the TRB transport visualization committee, Mr. Frank Broen the President of Teach America made contact with Brendan Hafferty of Forum8 with a view to discovering whether UC-win/Road would meet his requirements and whether Forum8 would be interested in adopting Teach America as a potential distribution Partner.
Teach America President Mr. Frank Broen

After further discussions and a full demonstration of the software, Mr. Frank Broen signed a Premier Partner Agreement in May 2010.

Mr. Broen's first project involves the creation of an animation for a construction company and architect bidding on a new university parking garage at Florida University in June. The architect involved with this project has a Google SketchUp model of the proposed new parking garage development so will be able to provide Teach America with a .3ds file for direct import into UC-win/Road.

As Mr. Broen continued; "For the parking garage project, we are planning on creating a number of animations to show off the garage set within a 1 square mile model of the university campus and surrounding environment. The idea is to visually explain the issues / solutions about its design and construction. It is a tight lot, so, for example, showing a 68 foot truck bringing concrete to the site will certainly be one animation.

"The architects (who have already built three similar parking garages) are working with the University to find out what other issues will need to be visually explained & discussed." The Teach America plan is to use the UC-win/Road animations to show off the whole area and drive up to the parking garage, and as they approach the parking garage they will fade from the 3D animation into a real video shot of one of the current projects they have built previously.

Finally, Mr. Broen mentioned that apart from the excellent recommendations from both the chair of the TRB Transport Visualization Committee (Michael Manore) and the President of Ourston Roundabouts (Mark Lenters) his primary reason for becoming the latest Forum8 Premier Partner was the quality of both the software and the support available, both technical and commercial.

Won E&C Co., Ltd. Area: South Korea

Forum8 is pleased to announce our latest collaboration with Korea based Won E&C Co., Ltd.

Won E&C Co. is a consultant company that has achieved a number of satisfactory results in latest traffic projects in South Korea. The company consists of two setups: Won E&C (consultant) and Won & T (construction). President Kim BooWon manages both setups so that they can provide packaged service design and construction. Their main area of oncluded including the basic planning of ITS or U-City project, construction planning, LRT, and monorail.

Won E&C started to introduce UC-win/Road the introduction ad design for research institute and government office including South Korea traffic research academy and South Korea highway public corporation.

Comments from Won E&C Co.,Ltd. Mr. Kim BooWon

"We were looking for a suitable VR solution for our business due to the increasing needs of VR. The strength with UC-win/Road lies in the ability to represent the entire city. Other VR solution can only represent individual model, therefore we chose UC-win/Road. In addition, the integration function with other traffic simulation products like "Vissim"was our deciding factor in selecting UC-win/Road. Hereafter, we would like to market the concept of VR to government and municipal offices. "
Won E&C Co., Ltd President Kim BooWon
WonE&C >Office entrance

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