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BIM&VR Symposium 2010 (Shenzhen, China)

FORUM 8 participated in BIM&VR Symposium held in Shenzhen, China on July 27, 2010 with our distributer, Sware Software and isBIM (former TECTON). More than 100 people including China Design Institute, consultants, and government officials visited this symposium, and the presentation on BIM and VR as follow.

  • Mr.Zhang, Tsinghua Sware Software Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
    The total solution based on BIM with Sware products for the construction industry was presented.

  • Mr. Hu, Shenzhen Universitiy
    The latest research of traffic analysis in VR was presented.
    Mr. Hu conducted research in the traffic analysis & traffic simulation fields with major traffic analysis softwares.
    He highly valued for UC-win/Road, and he is proceeding for purchase.

  • Mr. Rex, isBIM Limited
    The demand of BIM and VR, updated technology as well as the development of civil construction industry that he was involved in from 2006 to 2010 was presented. It was an impressive presentation with a lot of case studies.

After the introduction of VR case studies in China by Mr.Wu from sware, FORUM 8 made a presentation with the demonstration of Ohashi JCT, Nakameguro construction simulation, and Bridge abutment 3D reinforcement arrangement. In addition, we explained our company profile, contests that we have participated in (Build Live Tokyo and Build Live London), and the latest information such as 3D Engineering service, the point-cloud plug-in, and model output with 3D printer. The awarded works in our 3D VR contest were presented and the contest information of this year was announced.

We visited the existing users in public relations in Shenzhen for this time. We introduced the new function including microsimulation player in Shenzhen city Planning Bureau who has used UC-win/Road, and we proposed customization works. The latest BIM, VR information can be exchanged with the civil engineering industry in the inland provinces in China, HongKong area, and Japan. We would develop VR business with the exhibitors and visitors whose focus was on BIM&VR in future.


The planning of the 2nd National University Sware Cup

FORUM 8 is planning to co-organize the 2nd National University Sware Cup, BIM Software Modeling Contest (Tentative title) with our distributer Sware Software in Shentzen, China. This event is the modeling competition for students (university, professional school) using object BIM software. One team will consist of five members and the theme is selected from a total of seven areas including design, quantity survey, solar irradiation, energy saving, heat insulating, and the newly added area - VR. The model is created in UC-win/Road or VR/BIM software and they compete with each other over the work quality of the produced works.

The final round of the 1st BIM software modeling contest was held in Qingdao Agricultural University, on April 17 2010. A total of 600 works were gathered from 82 universities and 135 teams via Internet for the pre-election. The selected 90 teams, 70 universities advanced to the final.

This contest is supported by Chinese Construction Education Academic Society, and Sware Software published the guidance of advanced case example, and posted the special forum on their website for PR with the contest information. It took a lot of time before this event started; two months for the advertisement and application, and three months for the university training.

The developed system was used for the final match and in consideration of fairness and transparency issues, the ranking was displayed in real time. The following image shows the excitement of students who gathered in the large university classroom. This final match was reported by local TV news.

Event website : http://www.thsware.com/studentbim/default.aspx

The final match of the 1st contest The elected works of the 1st contest

    -Overseas agency introductions (Up & Coming April 2005)
    -Korean sales agency Basis Soft, Inc.
    -New Zealand sales agency Gabites Porter
    -French sales agentcy itech
    -North American sales agency Transoft Solutions Inc.
    -Information about the international collaboration with the FSEG (Fire Safty Engineering Group) at Britain's Greenwich University

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