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Amvient Co.,Ltd. (Korea)
Address:HallaSigmaPalace 101-1109, #206, Ingye-dong, Paldal-gu. Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 442-827, Korea
Tel : 031-225-4526 Fax : 031-225-2480 Email : honbin@amvient.com
Website : http://amvient.com/
FORUM8 is pleased to announce that Amvient Co., Ltd has recently joined our global dealer network. Amvient has experience in VR data creation and has developed systems for a number of drive simulator projects. They have expertise in the provision of VR data and hardware systems which is essential for drive simulator projects in Korea, Middle East and Europe. The development of the large-scaled drive simulator is remarkable;. Notable clients include the KICT (Korea Institute of Construction Technology) involving system development and VR data creation using 6 axis of the actual vehicle. Amvient is made up of engineers equipped with advanced technologies and knowledge, President Cho Hwan Myung who is involved in software development as well as 3D modelers to perform a variety of projects. They have extensive experience in several tasks including drive simulator, test simulator and simulator for military tanks.
Amvient Co.,Ltd. office

Comments from Mr. Cho Hwan Myng, Amvient Co.,Ltd.:
We have used a number of VR systems but we found that UC-win/Road is an exceedingly outstanding VR system. As part of our future strategy, we would try to develop a variety of simulators including drive simulators.

ILTP Consulting (Ireland) URL : http://www.iltp.ie

Forum8 are please to announce the selection of ILTP Consulting as their Premier Sales Partner in Ireland. The signing of the agreement will take place at the RDS Simminscourt on 13th October at 3.00PM. ILTP Consulting already market, maintain and support the S-Paramics software in Ireland.
S-Paramics users can now exchange data with the Japanese 3D Visual Interactive Simulation software UC-win/Road developed by FORUM8. This allows modellers to include the results of the simulation in a high quality visual environment and gives users an interactive environment to view the traffic operations.

UC-win/Road and S-Paramics are used all over the world as the preferred solutions for urban and transport planning and design projects. S-Paramics' strength is in predictive modelling, deriving flow patterns and congestion levels from travel demand inputs and driver behaviour. UC-win/Road's key strength is in the quality of its visual representation of the road environment. Linking the two products gives the users the best of both worlds and enables them to visualise future road traffic scenarios.
The latest plug-in for UC-win/Road to be released by the Tokyo based design team is the S-Paramics Plug-in. This enables data exchange between UC-win/Road and S-Paramics providing a seamless link between one of the leading traffic micro-simulation solutions and the latest interactive 3D visual immersion technologies.

Dr. Brendan Hafferty - Western Regional Manager welcomed this latest development:
"The fusion of two leading software technologies will help us better understand and plan our future land use and transportation needs. Forum8 are pleased to announce their new partnership with one of Ireland's leading innovators in the area of land use and transport planning, ILTP Consulting."

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